Dave Dorman & Friends Helping Artists Break Into Comic Book Industry:
Comix Academy 6-Day Illustration Course in San Diego Will Dovetail with Comic-Con

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your patience – I apologize for the delay in releasing this announcement, but I wanted to be sure there was a Web site up for you to check out. I am told it will go up tonight late, so the moment it does, I will Tweet that it’s up and also put an addendum on my blog. My longtime friends/colleagues and I decided it was time to share what we knew with those of you who wanted to break into the comic book industry. To that end, we formed The Comix Academy. Here are some succinct details:

What: The Comix Academy – A course mentoring artists one-on-one with the intention of bringing their work up to the level that will meet the scrutiny of professional comic book editors. This is six days of lecturing, mentoring, observing how we work while we observe how you work, and in the end, your one-on-one portfolio review with T.B.D. professional comic book editors. I know who some of them are, but I cannot say publicly just yet. You will KNOW these names, as they are industry giants.

Where: San Diego
When: July 15 – July 20th, 2010
Who: Dave Dorman, Scott Hampton, Christopher Moeller, Durwin Talon, John vanFleet, and special guest presenter Mike Mignola.
The Cost: The early registration fee for the course is $950 before April 30th, 2010 and $1,150 after May 1, 2010. Discounts on lodging are also available to students.

We are offering a limited number of seats to this exclusive course. Once the site is up, which should be soon, it will be http://www.comixacademy.com. We will post the official press release on my blog as well. Our publicity firm is WriteBrain Media, so if any of you are writers, editors, bloggers or producers reading this and you need access to any of us for print or electronic interviews or appearances, please contact Denise Dorman — denise@writebrainmedia.com.


  1. This sounds pretty awesome but $1000 is an insane amount of money! I could see maybe half that but I could print several hundred comics and rent a table at a few Cons for the same amount!

    • DaveandDeniseDorman Says:

      You may not need the type of mentoring we’re offering. For some, the opportunity to do a legitimate face-to-face with pro comic book editors alone is worth the cost.

  2. Grant it, that is expensive, but you simply have to factor in WHO is doing this 6 day class, these are BIG names in the industry, from Dave to Mike, so for me, that is EASILY worth the cost. Some day, you guys need to do one of these classes near or in Austin, be fantastic!

    • DaveandDeniseDorman Says:

      I’d love to do a class in Austin–one of my favorite cities. I have a LOT of artist friends in TX now. I did the Reverie ’09 in Dallas a year ago through Massive Black and Jason Manley, and that was a lot of fun.

  3. jamie richards Says:

    wow,if i ever needed a reason to atend san diego…?
    gonna have a word with the missus about this,and check our finances.
    maybe we won’t look at moving house this year,lol.

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