I’m Declaring a Moratorium on the Term “Transparency”

Dear Readers,

I’m officially declaring a moratorium on public figures using the term “transparency.” It angers me, as I’m sure it does many people,  to have a perfectly good descriptive word hijacked to now mean the complete opposite. It seems that to the Enrons of the world, today’s politicians and many members of the media, transparency is vaguely defined as “working in an opaque cloud and behind closed doors.”

It’s pure satire anymore to hear the word “transparency” uttered. I hear it in my mind’s ear with a tinge of Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert sneer thrown in for added measure.  Transparency belongs in wacky corporate boardroom game my wife used to play with her co-workers, “Bullshit Bingo,” right next to “Paradigm shift,” “At the end of the day,”  and “Low-hanging fruit.”

In my craft, I use transparent paints to achieve a certain look of clarity, and create an effect as if you are looking through glass. As I understood the term, that’s how it should look.  I recognize that these people think that they’re conveying a sense of openness and clarity, but in truth, they are fooling no one with their obscurity and evasiveness. Using this term only serves to make them look foolish. But at the end of the day, there’s been a paradigm shift and the term transparency is  now merely low-hanging fruit for the end users… I’ve got BINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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