Obama: Too Busy to Give Thanks

Dear Friends,

Memorial Day is the one day out of our year that Congress has given us specifically honoring the people, both military and non, who have given their lives in support and protection of this great country. We are honoring those who have allowed us the freedoms granted by the Constitution and our Founding Fathers. I suppose these freedoms also allow our Commander in Chief to take a “vacation” during Memorial Day Weekend. And lest anyone forget, these are the freedoms that have allowed many to advance beyond their perceived handicaps to achieve a stature that all of us call “The American Dream.”

I hope that you, like me and my family, find it in your hearts to take the time, no matter what your job is, to honor and thank those who have given their lives on behalf of our country. It’s a shame that President Obama, who also enjoys our freedoms, feels he does not need to show his respect and his thanks to those who have fallen in service to our country.

While Obama’s enjoying his picnic in Hyde Park with his progressive friends and jailbird cronies, I may take a trip to Arlington National Cemetary with a full-sized photographic cut-out of our Commander-in-Chief, stand him up amongst the fallen dead and pretend that he actually cares about them and this country.


Proud Son of USAF Lieutenant Colonel John N. Dorman and Proud Brother-in-Law to USAF Retired Gulf War Veteran David Thurmond

14 Responses to “Obama: Too Busy to Give Thanks”

  1. One nice thing about this country is we are all entitled to our opinions no matter how poorly informed.

    • Keep snorkeling Barracks ass…better by some North Korean language tapes buddy,, cause your boy Barrack has the posture of a fucking boiled shrimp! The USA has never been so vulnerable till that idiot was elected…

  2. Dave… First off THANK you for your honest…and TRUTHFUL comments. No matter what Rick Parker thinks. It is not surporising however about Prince Obama. BarrackObama is the single worst decision voters have EVER made in this HISTORY of this ONCE proud country! He is a parasite that needs to go! There are too many atrocities to leave here, but let me start with these: First , he cancels the official day of prayer, BUT allows 5000 muslims to come an kneel on government grounds and prays WITH them…When are people gonna realize. This jackoff is a plant…an inside trader to thee foundation of this country! He is a narcissistic arrogant jerk that places more VALUE on getting his bog eared ugly face onGQ and doing talk show interviews thanhe is making intelligent decisions pertaining to the welfare of AMERICANS! He’s an idiot personifed. BUT…calculated. He’d rather help Haito, and Mexico than Hattisburg Mississippi, and detroit. And speaking of Mexico…that ass clown that some call “Commander…(there’s an oxymoron) in chief, invites the prseident og one of the most corrupt and inept countries inthe world…MEXICO to speak in OUR United States Congress and berate our policies, and lecture Americans on Immigration…and Barrack bought hm a beer and probably wrote HIS worthless ass a check out of OUR checkbook. Mexico is in shambles. people are being murdered in the streets DAILY by drug lords that President Calderon either can NOT stop…or is taking BRIBES from toallow them free reign! Either way, that asswipe , excuse for a FOREIGN government official has NO business lecturing America on how to treat immigrants. ILLEGAL immigrants LOOK at the laws of mexico…(another Oxymoron)…They do NOT tolerate ILLEGAL immigration in Mexico. Yet that jerk is INVITED by Barrack Talibama, to insult us IN OUR OWN Congress!! Fuck Calderon..send him BACK with Barracky in his Carry-On! And fianlly all you Jackyls that POUNCED on Geairge Bush calling him a RACIST for taking so LONG to reacttoKatrina…how bout Oprah’s boy B-Rack flying to San Francisco, to extort….errrr I mean RAISE money for that pig with hair Barbara Boxer While the Gulf COast get AN OIL ENEMA!!!!!!! Barrack is NOT stupid. He’s cunning, sneaky, and manipulating…and he is NOT the Commander in Chief…he IS a fraud! And if he cannot show the soldiers, past, present and FUUTURE respect on Memorial day by attending a traditional ceremony at Arlington Ceremony…then I say that is the final fucking straw! IMPEACH that egghead…and I have a suggestion for your immigration problem Barracky…. HOw bout we take ALL of them, and give them amnesty…AFTER they serve 4 years in a branch of the United States Military????? And we let our young American National men and Women stay home and enjoy a life where they arent affected by YOUR inept and under qualified decisions? Is it 2012 yet???? Thanks Dave! God Bless,

  3. @Rick Parker
    I, along with countless other veterans have put our hands in the air and sworn to protect, with our lives, your right to express your opinion.
    President Obama is not the only seated President to skip on the Memorial Service at Arlington but he now commands the forces receiving the worst treatment in our countries history. The quality of care for widowed survivors is abysmal. The wait time for declaring a disability is absurd. The none-to -subtle refusal of this president to attend this event and others like it, are not inexcusable, but rather calculated actions which demonstrate the character of the man and not he office.
    We live in the country of free choice, won by the spilled blood of patriots.
    I am embarrassed by his choices and your poorly expressed opinion.

  4. Jim Reddington Says:


    The President will be laying a wreath at a national cemetery in Illinois.

    Reagan only went to Arlington 4 out of his 8 years on Memorial Day. Bush senior never went to Arlington in his 4 years, and he was a WW2 vet.

    • DaveandDeniseDorman Says:

      In Bush Sr.’s case he did it at American military cemetaries overseas. He took two vacations on Memorial Day, but as VP he attended Arlington twice for Reagan. Reagan was shot one year and missed it. The other two he was meeting with the Soviets on nuke missile treaties. He took one vacation on Memorial Day in 8 years. Clinton went every year to Arlington during his 8 years.


  5. Being President of the United States comes with terrible responsibilities of being to wipe out all life on the planet, as well as the perks of getting to jet around Air Force One and never have to pay for a ticket to any sporting event you want to go to, but it does carry with it the requirement of serving as the ceremonial figurehead of the country on days or events of national importance.

    Aside from people’s particular political beliefs, the office of the President represents the values and opinions of every American and on certain occasions, every American should be represented. We take for granted that the President or First Lady lights the National Christmas Tree regardless of what the ACLU says. We expect the President to throw out the first pitch of baseball’s opening season even if he is a White Sox fan. We expect him to lead the nation in mourning when the Towers are attacked, the Space Shuttle blows up or a city flounders under a hurricane.

    So it comes as a remarkable surprise when a President DOESN’T chooses not to serve as the national emcee of a day of importance like Memorial Day. To put it into perspective, President Obama has presided over the pardoning of the presidential turkey for Thanksgiving, honored every sports team champion, but elects to skip out on Memorial Day services on the milestone of the 1,000th serviceman killed in Afghanistan and the country in the midst of fighting two wars with the Korean peninsula getting ready to kick off a third.

    Regardless of if you are Republican or Democrat, it strikes any sane person as odd in terms of his choice not to observe this particular holiday and because of the circumstances of everything that’s going on in the world, it’s even more remarkable since it would represent a clear indication of what he deems “important” or “in the nation’s best interest” by skipping this.

    For a politician of intense political acumen, he’s been terribly tone deaf to the body politic as of late, the Gulf oil spill response being only the most glaring, having visited the site of the nation’s worst environmental disaster only twice in the last 40 days and holding his first press conference on the event over a month after it occurred. Compared to Bush’s 14 visits in 39 days to the region after Katrina, its no wonder that uber-Democrat James Carville is busy throwing the President under the bus on every news program he can land an interview on.

    What the decision to skip Memorial Day observances represents in the President’s mind, only he knows, but we, as the voters of this nation, are left to surmise that his absence is intended to send a message, but rightly or wrongly, anything a President does or does not do has massive political overtones. Saying the President simply needs a “break” is not sufficient at a time when servicemen are fighting daily, Afghan civilians are killed in drone strikes and Congress wrestles openly with implementation of repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policies.

    Every President since Memorial Day’s observance passage by Congress has led the nation in mourning and recognizing the sacrifices of so many men and women in service of this country. Wildly reviled Democrats such as Jimmy Carter and beloved by the military presidents such as Ronald Reagan each recognized the importance of conducting this ceremonial piece of the nation’s business.

    President’s Obama’s decision to take a pass is mind-boggling because of its uniqueness in American politics and regretful for those who would want to hear their President say that their loved one’s sacrifice was not in vain on this day where the rest of us hold BBQs and hit the beach with our loved ones.

  6. President Obama will be giving a Memorial Day address @ the Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, Ill. tomorrow.

  7. For one, Obama is honoring fallen soldiers at the Lincoln National Cemetery. Second, to put down the president, the Commander in Chief, in the name of politics, is highly disrespectful and unpatriotic to our soldiers and the American people. No soldier would do that. Shameful.

    • DaveandDeniseDorman Says:

      I hope everybody has a contemplative Memorial Day and takes time to say a prayer for our fallen citizens and military personnel from around the world and in conflicts past.

    • DaveandDeniseDorman Says:

      As a citizen of Illinois, I do realize that he is making an appearance and speaking at a national cemetary. It’s not the same strong symbolic gesture as speaking at Arlington National Cemetary.

      • But that’s not what your blog said. The title says he’s “too busy to give thanks.” And in the blog you say he’s on vacation and (sarcastically?) claim he’s having a “picnic in Hyde Park,” implying that he’s not doing ANYTHING to honor or remember the military today, which is simply false. Yet he was planning to speak @ an official military cemetery, fully sanctioned by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs, which happens to be in his home state, and named after one of our nation’s greatest presidents.

        So now you’re switching your complaint to the fact that he didn’t specifically speak @ Arlington (like he did last year), despite the fact that, according to the link that you posted earlier, President George H.W. Bush never spoke @ Arlington but did speak overseas, and President George W. Bush went to Normandy instead of Arlington in 2002, which makes President Obama’s decision this year not unusual @ all.

        I get it if you don’t like the President, and there are plenty of legitimate complaints you could bring up about his performance in office thus far, but this whole blog just seems like petty nitpicking.

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