More Buckaroo Banzai Art from Dave Dorman

Dear Friends,

Thanks to all who stopped by to say “hello” during HeroesCon this past weekend in Charlotte, NC. As always, it was a lot of fun and the show really emphasizes comics. I procured a few more surprise guests for my podcast, which you will all really be excited to hear speaking uninhibitedly, which we tend to¬†encourage on our show, “It’s Comic Book Day,” free to you on iTunes. To link to our podcast, or as Denise calls it, “Radio On Demand,” click here:

As promised, here is some more Buckaroo Banzai art I did for Moonstone Comics, based here in Chicago. Can you tell I really love painting tentacles?

Buckaroo Banzai by Dave Dorman

Dave Dorman's Buckaroo Banzai

This painting is up for sale for $2,500 at this link:

For Doc Savage fans, here’s a piece of art I did that I hope you’ll enjoy:

Doc Savage by Dave Dorman

Doc Savage by Dave Dorman

I hope you all enjoy the art and as always, I welcome your comments.

Thanks for reading,


14 Responses to “More Buckaroo Banzai Art from Dave Dorman”

  1. Kick arse! Especially the Doc Savage one.

  2. That’s a stunner! I hope it’s in your new book.

  3. Doc and Buckaroo in one post…very fitting.

  4. Amazing art! I dig that Buckaroo still has his guitar slung over his neck. Class!

  5. Hey Dave, great art! Is your MTG art going to be in your book?

    • DaveandDeniseDorman Says:

      Hi Bobby,

      I broke the book out into categories of my art, so in there is Magic: The Gathering, G.I. Joe, World of Warcraft, Batman, Wasted Lands, Star Wars, etc. plus toy designs, personal art that’s never before seen outside of people who come to my home, etc. It’s 5 lbs. and 312 pages of diverse art.

  6. Dave, love the Doc Savage poster, is it available for purchase?

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