Dave Dorman Posts Star Wars Celebration 5 Art

Dear Friends,

As always, I thank you all¬†for taking an interest in my work. Here is the final artwork for the art prints I’m selling at Star Wars Celebration 5. As you know, these prints sell out quickly, so be sure to place your order if you are attending the show. I can only sell signed & numbered prints to those who pick up the artwork in person at SWC5. They retail for $100. All pre-orders must be picked up by noon on Friday, August 13th. (Don’t worry, unlucky numbers seem to have the opposite effect on me.)

So, here is my painting for its very¬†first unveiling. The piece is called “A Slight Disturbance in the Force on the Battlefield of Hoth.” True Star Wars fans will “get” it.

A Slight Disturbance in the Force on the Battlefield of Hoth

Dave Dorman's Star Wars Celebration 5 Painting

A special thanks to all of those valiant members of the 501st who posed for me. My wife Denise did take progressive photos of this painting as it evolved, so stay posted as we determine where that will launch, as stills and as a slide show/video. There are some high profile media outlets interested in it, so we’re waiting to see who wants it most.

I look forward to seeing you all very soon!


8 Responses to “Dave Dorman Posts Star Wars Celebration 5 Art”

  1. James Tampa Says:

    Wow, this is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!

  2. Looks GREAT Dave. Can’t wait to see it at CV. Just one question. Where do you go to place a pre-order?

  3. Looks awesome! This will be a great companion piece to the Battle of Hoth print you did a few years back! Can’t wait to CV!

  4. jamie richards Says:

    awesome doesn’t quite cover it,

  5. Oly Pittman Says:

    Awesome piece Dave.. can’t wait to hang it!!

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