My Tori Amos Art

Dear Friends,

As promised earlier, I am posting my Tori Amos art. Every once in a while, I’m asked to get involved in a charity, and since I really enjoy Tori’s art — her wonderfully ethereal and original music — I wanted to give back for the enjoyment she’s given her legion of fans for many years.

Both of these original pieces were done as oil and acrylic on illustration board for Tori’s organization, R.A.I.N.N., which stands for the “Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network.” Both of these pieces were for calendars she does to raise money and awareness for her organization. The first piece, which is the winter scene, I did to show the contrast between the warmth of her red hair against the brittle cold of a winter forest.

Dave Dorman's Tori Amos Portrait

Dave Dorman's Tori Amos Portrait for Her R.A.I.N.N. Calendar-December

The next piece came as the result of me playing around with the spelling of the name Scarlet, her alter ego, and how I would work that into a sign. I thought of New Orleans and their many trolley “Car Stop” signs, and it inspired me to do this piece, which also appeared in her calendar. This original 12″ x 18″ painting I still have in my possession, so if anyone has a serious interest, I’m asking $5,000 for this treasured piece.

Dave Dorman's Tori Amos Portrait

Dave Dorman's 2nd Tori Amos Portrait for her R.A.I.N.N. Calendar

This next piece of text I pulled directly off of their Web site, but it if helps to raise awareness or bring them money, I’m sure they’ll let me take this liberty:

VOTE every day from now through September 30th and help RAINN win $250,000 through the Pepsi Refresh Project. Your vote will allow us to bring our Online Hotline to Spanish-speaking victims!

You can vote 3x a day, every day in September.

Vote Online:

Vote by text: text 102552 to 73774

Vote through Facebook: install the app once at and vote from Facebook

Let me know what you think of this art – it’s a little different from what you’re used to seeing me do, so I’m always curious as to how people receive it. This art is also in my new book, Rolling Thunder: The Art of Dave Dorman, so be sure to check it out on Amazon or in your local Borders & Barnes & Noble bookstores. It’s 5 pounds and 326 pages of art and my life’s memoirs, so quite a unique book, great as a gift for Sweetest Day, birthdays, holidays or just as a way to give yourself a rare treat in a bummer economy.

Thanks for reading,


5 Responses to “My Tori Amos Art”

  1. Oly Pittman Says:

    Definately sometthing different from you, but great work as usual Dave. The color contrast from white to red is awesome.

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