Dave Dorman’s BIG BOWL OF ANIMATION FUN Contest Announcement – Win an iPad

Dear Friends,

I am working on an exciting new project that is so hard not to share with you already. However, there is one aspect to my project that is beyond my capabilities (yet): animation.  I am unschooled in animating (but not for long).  So, I’m putting it out to you, dear readers (as well as my artist friends who teach or have taught at art schools – Casey Callender, George Pratt, Durwin Talon and Mark A. Nelson).

I would like to provide students and self-taught animators with the following: (a) characters I’ve designed (b) my characters’ voice over files (c) some light art direction and conceptual information. They will use these digital files to compete and create animations for me to use for advertising and social networking campaigns. The potential for a serialized animated show also exists. In the end, I’d like to see some well-rendered :15, :30, :45 and :60 second shorts created to advertise my new low brow art character line, and the winner will walk away with an iPad preloaded with Dave Dorman art or a 4-day exhibitor pass to San Diego Comic-Con.

The idea behind this Dave Dorman’s Big Bowl of Animation Fun Contest is two-fold:

#1.  I want to see my vision for my characters morphed into a big bowl of animated fun.

#2. The quid pro quo, aside from the prize is this: I want to help the winning animator raise their public profile and walk away with something professional for their portfolio.


The winner of Dave Dorman’s Big Bowl of Animation Fun Contest will receive either an iPad or a 4-day pass for San Diego Comic-Con, whichever they prefer. (Mind you, if they prefer to win one of my Comic-Con exhibitor passes, there might be some schlepping of my art to the San Diego Convention Center involved, so the smart winner will probably just go for the iPad).

Dave Dorman’s Animation Street Cred

Some of you may say, “Dave Dorman, who the hell are YOU to judge MY animation?!?” So, here’s my incredibly short and unimpressive list of credentials:

#1. I’ve judged film festival and animation contests in the past, most recently for Indiana University/Purdue University Indiana and the Geneva International Film Festival (Geneva, IL).

#2. I’ve watched animation evolve for the past 48 years.

In short, I know good animation when I see it. I’m always right in my Oscar predictions for animation wins, much to my wife’s chagrin. I watch international animation regularly and I can’t get enough of it.

However, it’s not just me judging these animations. I would like to help the animators submitting to gain public recognition, and to that end, I will post the animation samples for YOUR votes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If Howard Stern or anyone else decides to get get subversive and start crowd sourcing voting for the worst animation (ala Stern’s modus operandi during American Idol’s “Season of Sanjaya”) I do reserve the right to override the votes. I will smell anything that smacks of animation voter anarchy early on.

So… stay tuned to my blog. We still need my wife to script the shorts and get the voice overs recorded. I’m thinking Jeanie Bonansinga of children’s music group Jeanie B! and the Jelly Beans will be at least one of the character voices–she’s excellent. I’ll let you know when we’re completely ready to start sharing digital files.

In case you ever wondered what I might look like animated, here’s how I see it (and no, this image has nothing to do with the animation contest):

Dave's Vlog Cabin

Dave Dorman As An Animated Character


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