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Dear Friends,

Good afternoon on a chilly Chicago Wednesday. This coming weekend I will be exhibiting at the WindyCon November 11 – 13th at the Westin Lombard Yorktown Center in Lombard, IL. I will have some great deals on my art for holiday gifts, decorating the Man Cave for Thanksgiving and more! Kudos to those of you who have the moxie to decorate your dining rooms with my artwork. If you have a cool display of my artwork in your home, email a jpeg to my wife and publicist denise@writebrainmedia.com and she will post it on my blog with your permission. Speaking of art, here’s a new Steampunk girl piece I completed recently that I call “Pi.” I will be posting progressives here shortly.

"Pi" by Artist Dave Dorman

In other news, I am doing an interview with the Australian Alpha Nerd podcast this Friday. I’m unsure as to when it will be available for downloads on the iTunes store, but I will definitely mention it here the moment it’s up. If you have any questions you’d like for the hosts to ask me on air, please post them here and I’ll try to get all of your questions answered.

I want to congratulate a friend of mine, whose name I cannot mention, for winning the sniper competition this past weekend in West Virginia. He is a wonderful artist and weapons instructor for a major police department in Washington, D.C., but that’s all I’m allowed to say. I know he will read this.

If any of you are watching WALKING DEAD or FRINGE, feel free to discuss with me. I’m also watching DEATH VALLEY, which is Reno 911-meets-zombies. In other words, a lot of fun. I caught up last night on the TALKING DEAD talk show, and that show is a lot of fun. I wish the producers would answer the question raised on the first episode of TALKING DEAD: why there are all of those dead people rotting away in their cars on the interstate. That needs a little more explanation.

As always, thanks so much for reading and please be sure to find me on all of these social networks:

Facebook: http://fb.com/davedormanartist | Twitter: @DaveDorman

Linkedin.com/in/thedavedorman (I am an open networker and happy to connect with you)

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4 Responses to “Dave Dorman Steampunk Girl Art and News”

  1. Nice artwork! I watched the whole first season of Walking Dead. I thought it was okay. I was disappointed because so many people said it was great, but in comparison to BSG and Lost, I found those series of shows to be more engaging. Don’t get me wrong, I love blood and guts just as much as the next horror buff, but I think I was looking for more out of the characters.

    – Eric

    • DaveandDeniseDorman Says:

      Hi Eric,
      I think you should give it time. We’re seeing the cop character Shawn transition to the dark side, or at least shades of darkness, and my guess is the lead cop will eventually be forced to make some decisions that question his moral compass as well. It will be a wild ride and I’m in! I think LOST and BSG were brilliant, and if you haven’t caught FRINGE yet, do so. You won’t be sorry. Also a wild ride with GREAT acting.

  2. Hey Dave

    Thanks for mentioning us (Alpha Nerd) on your website. Looking forward to your interview, as I go through Rolling Thunder.

    Thanks again

    Joe and the Alphanerd gang:-)

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