Dave Dorman in Chicago Tribune Today

Dear Friends,

Thanks to all of you who came by my table yesterday at WindyCon. It’s very rewarding to get feedback from all of you on my work and it keeps me excited about the work I’m doing.

Today journalist Sarah Frink wrote an article on me in today’s Chicago Tribune about the odd jobs I held while trying to break into the business and learn my craft. Here’s the link to the article: http://trib.in/v8lxHz 

Of course, if you already read my memoir/art book, “Rolling Thunder, The Art of Dave Dorman,” by IDW Publishing/Desperado Publishing last year, you already know most of this story.  The book is now marked down to $20 for the regular version and $50 for the signed, limited edition version. These make great holiday gifts for that special person in your life who loves comic book art, sci-fi, fantasy and horror art, plus I included a lot of my personal fine art work in the book as well. Be sure to check it out if you don’t already own a copy!

I hope all of you are having a great Sunday. I’m back to the old drawing board today. If you want to connect with me on my social networks, here are my profiles:

http://facebook.com.davedormanartist | http://twitter.com/davedorman | http://linkedin.com/in/thedavedorman

Thanks for reading,


3 Responses to “Dave Dorman in Chicago Tribune Today”

  1. Cheryl Klamm Says:

    Hello Dave Dorman, When my son was around 8-10 years old, he received a picture from you of Batman with and Alien coming out of his chest where the Batman insignia is located. Although he was very careful with his belongings, we were moving at the time and the picture has seen better days. We got it from Barry’s Collectors Corner, and I thought? that you had actually come to Grand Forks North Dakota for a promo. This would have been around 1993-1995. Is there anyway to repair or replace this piece of art? Thank you for your time in answering me. Sincerely, Cheryl

    • Hi Cheryl,

      Thank you for your note. I was wondering if you could clarify if this was a print, a drawing or a painting? Could you take a photo of it? I haven’t been to Grand Forks, but I’ve known Barry for a long time and I see him at least once a year if not more. Please send it to my email directly: dormanart@yahoo.com. Thanks so much. Dave.

  2. Cheryl Klamm Says:

    Please notify me of follow up comments via email….again, Sincerely, Cheryl

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