3 Final Seats Just Available for THE DAVE DORMAN EXPERIENCE

Dear Friends,

Here are the eBay links to the final 3 seats in my “Lucky Six” campaign for THE DAVE DORMAN EXPERIENCE:

This is the event I am hosting for the first time in my private residence on April 14th from 4-10 p.m. during the weekend of C2E2. We will pick up 6 lucky winners on April 14th by limo, deliver them to my private residence and studio, hang out, see my studio, dine, see my live demo, and one of six will go home with the painting I create that night. Everyone will go home with an artist’s proof print of my work (a $100 minimum value on its own).
Please bid on THE DAVE DORMAN EXPERIENCE quickly – there are just six days left to win it! If you don’t want to take a chance on competing, there’s a “Buy It Now” option to guarantee to your seat.
In other news, I did make the Spectrum 19 annual, so I am very happy to share this. I hope those of you in town for C2E2 will make my one-man gallery show in Chicago at ROTOFUGI that runs from April 6 – April 29th.
My next post will announce the artwork for my 30th Anniversary limited edition giclees, so be sure to watch for that.
See some of you on April 14th!

3 Responses to “3 Final Seats Just Available for THE DAVE DORMAN EXPERIENCE”

  1. Dave, when will the Night Viper Glicees ship? I’m very excited and can’t wait to get mine!
    Thanks, Rod.

    • Hi Rod,
      Just got the emboss stamp so I will ship it all next week once I’m finished pulling together the art for the one-man show at Rotofugi. My “shipping dept.” consists of yours truly.

      Thanks for your patience,

  2. No problem at all Dave! I just am very excited to put it up in my wall, that’s all. Very cool!

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