Announcing My First Ever 24/7 Dave Dorman Online Store

Dear Friends of the Page,

I typically post a temporary page if I’m having a sale on my prints for a special occasion, but I’ve been thinking it would be wise to have a full-time online store, so here is the link to my new online store:

Please feel free to share the link with your social networks. It would be an enormous favor to me.

Additionally, I have some fun new interviews posted on our podcast,, and as always, I invite and encourage you to join me on my Facebook Fan Page, and on Linked In where I’m an open networker at

As always, I thank you for your support and interest in my work. I’m hard at work on getting my new online school launched, and I will be posting news here as I’m able to start accepting students. If you are interested in being on the early invite list, please email

I should also mention, I’m in a Star Wars documentary called “The Force Within Us”  by my friend Cris Macht. I will be attending the premiere at the Arcada Theater in  St. Charles, IL on Friday, March 22nd, so if you are in Northern Illinois, I welcome you to join us there.

Have a good one, everybody,


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