Dave & Denise Dorman Co-Producing HEAVY METAL REVISITED Documentary

Dear Friends,

Denise and I are co-producing a really fun documentary with director Evan Beloff and producer Frederic Bohbot of Bunbury Films called HEAVY METAL REVISITED, and I just received the artwork for the postcard we’ll be handing out at San Diego Comic-Con Booth #4500 this year, so here it is for your consideration:


4 Responses to “Dave & Denise Dorman Co-Producing HEAVY METAL REVISITED Documentary”

  1. Rick Tucker Says:

    I loved the magazine and the film was all right, not great, not bad. Still, I had to applaud the effort. The soundtrack was pretty good.

    • Rick, I think when you see our documentary, you will have a new appreciation for the 1981 film – just the impossible logistics of even getting this film made have never really been understood before by anyone outside of the production crew.

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