Seeking Fan Suggestions for My Pencil Sketchbook

Dear Friends,

I am considering doing a bunch of character studies–fully rendered pencil drawings–like this one:

BSG's Captain Adama by Dave Dorman #SoSayWeAll

BSG’s Captain Adama by Dave Dorman #SoSayWeAll

for inclusion in my summer sketchbook LEADWORKS. While I have my own favorite characters to draw, I thought I would throw it out to you, my fans, to get some ideas on what you would like to see me draw. If you have suggestions for any character from any media (films, comics, TV, media, etc.) just list them on either of my Facebook Fan Pages in the relevant thread here:

or here:

and I will take them under consideration. If I use YOUR suggested character, I will be sure to credit your name with a special thanks on the related page in the new LEADWORKS 2014 book.

Thanks for reading and Happy Hump Day,


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