3 New Dave Dorman Sketchbooks Available

Dear Friends,

I have 3 new small books available featuring my art.  They are as follows: DAVE DORMAN 2014 SKETCHBOOK “LEADWORKS No. 2,” as well as NEW MAGIC/WOW and ALIENS/PREDATOR Books! Here’s the link to place your orders: http://www.davedorman.com/leadworks2014.shtml

LEADWORKS Special Pencil Sketch Art  by Dave Dorman

LEADWORKS No. 2 Special Pencil Sketch Art by Dave Dorman

•The first is my new sketchbook LEADWORKS No. 2, featuring pencil art from my painting preliminaries for various paintings including Star Wars, as well as many new pencil drawing done specifically for this volume. Cost: $15 including Postage

Oil & Water art by Dave Dorman

Oil & Water: Wizardry & Magic – Art by Dave Dorman

•The second is a collection of fantasy art featuring many MAGIC the GATHERING (MTG) and WORLD of WARCRAFT (WoW) paintings.

Cost: $20 including Postage

Oil & Water: XENOCIDE Art by Dave Dorman

Oil & Water: XENOCIDE Art by Dave Dorman

The third book is a much-asked-for collection of my most popular ALIENS and PREDATOR paintings, including many ALIENS v PREDATOR (AvP) paintings. Cost: $20 including Postage

Special Pricing for All Three Books: $45 including Postage.

As always, I thank you for your interest in and support of my work!!


2 Responses to “3 New Dave Dorman Sketchbooks Available”

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  2. […] you’re interested in getting a copy, you can head on over to Dave Dorman’s website to place your order. Keep in mind that Dave signs each […]

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