Star Wars Celebration: Dave Dorman Artwork Rejected

Hi All.

Well, now that Lucasfilm has announced the artists selected for the SW Celebration 7 Art Show, I can publicly confirm that I was not selected to participate this year. It is with great sadness and disappointment that I am now announcing this, but the judging has been made, and there is no reversing that.

The judging was done differently this year, asking for comps of the art proposed, then submitted anonymously to be judged. There was no respect for the reputation or the years of good will put in by any artist–just the comp, rough, or finished art submitted for approval.

So…here was my piece–a color rough featuring Vader continuing to pursue the genocide of the Jedi after Order 66. I guess I missed the mark in idea… or perhaps not doing a more finished’s not EU… ties directly into the gap between EP3 and 4…

The Path Not Taken: Rejected Dave Dorman Star Wars Celebration Concept Art

The Path Not Taken: Rejected Dave Dorman Star Wars Celebration Concept Art

I don’t know. And because the judged submissions were anonymous and a one shot deal, I will never know.

What I do know is that I will not have a print available this year at Celebration, nor will I be attending Celebration to support it.

I thank all you who have supported me through the 6 Celebrations (including Europe) where I sold out of prints, and the first Celebration in Denver, which I attended only as a fan. I would like to thank the 501st for their support and helping unselfishly when called to pose for me.

I hope to see you all at Celebration 8…if the Force is still with me.

Take care,


32 Responses to “Star Wars Celebration: Dave Dorman Artwork Rejected”

  1. That sucks. I’m sorry to hear this Dave. You’re still the best Star Wars artist in the universe – contracted, expanded or otherwise.

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  3. Mario Vilches Says:

    I’m chilean, I have 6 of your wonderful lithographs posters, the most beautiful I got and everybody that visit my house ask me who made those wonderful arts… I am very sad and mad about this and it is a shame that the new organisation is putting a fantastic artist like you thru this process, this should be for the new artists because you have your place earned from so many years ago. 😦

  4. Sorry they couldn’t see the concept. It is really interesting and I love that it fills in some gaps. It asks me to think. Perhaps that is the problem – you continue to ask more and think beyond the norm. I love it!

  5. This sucks. And the Force will ALWAYS be with you.

  6. Lord…forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing

  7. Dave,
    That’s a crying shame–seriously! After everything you’ve given to the SW community, too.
    I hope you’ll change your mind about attending. Remember, the fans appreciate your work regardless of any rejections.

    All the best,

  8. John Higashi Says:

    Wow… You’ve been carrying the Star Wars art torch for so long and the art “judges” couldn’t recognize your art ? Since Sansweet retired who’s watching out for us fans ? Sad news…

  9. This is a slap in the face of one of the the people who helped revitalize a sleepy brand in the early 90s. I cannot think of an artist of your caliber who so selflessly allowed yourself to be pigeon-holed for the sake of a brand. To look at the fact that in the mid 90s, the STAR WARS GALAXY magazine readership voted you the best STAR WARS artist of all time makes this a hard pill to swallow. That wasn’t accolades from a bunch of suits seeing how they could get you to do favors for them (like when you did the wine box art for Pepsi so they could present a bottle of wine to George Lucas). No, it was fans. Fans who bought books because of your covers, comics because of your covers, Micro Machines because of your packaging art. I wonder if Drew Struzen had to submit a rough for consideration. You should not have even had to.They should be honored that you faithfully tried to push the boundaries with your celebration prints, that unlike most of the other artists, always supported the Celebrations by actually buying booth space instead of setting up in the art extortion area.

    All I can say, Dave, is momentary set back does not define you. You are doing some of the best work of your career right now. Remember that. This is their loss. Personally, if I were a fan, I would vocally boycott the celebration. You are a good man, a great artist, and you are better than a bunch of power-hungry “judges” who have done this to you.

    Hang in there. – Steve

  10. Art judged on it’s own merit rather than the reputation of the artist… this is the problem?

  11. Gary Breaux Says:


    I am very sorry to hear this. You body of Star Wars artwork speaks for itself. Your celebration prints were always eagerly anticipated, hugely popular and successful, with a line of eager fans from around the globe. Which you always treated very graciously. You and Denise will be very much missed. This has caused a great disturbance in the Force.


    Gary Breaux
    Bast Alpha Garrison
    501st Legion

  12. All: Please let your displeasure be known. Email and tell them what a huge mistake they are making.

  13. Sorry you did not get selected, I really enjoy your paintings.

  14. I’ll I can say is that sucks!! I’m privileged to own several of your prints from previous celebrations. Some of my favorite experiences at Celebrations were getting my print signed and a custom drawing to go with it. I can’t believe someone doesn’t have the common sense to invite one of the TOP Star Wars artists, not to mention other fantastic work you have done. You will be missed and I hope get the chance to see you at other conventions in the near future.

  15. sorry to hear this… I have all the previous prints… but how about making the print and sell it through your website… like other artist do, a small batch – 100 -150 prints and sell in private….

  16. […] Dave Dorman will not be attendance during this Star Wars Celebration, but you can check out his proposed art piece here. Would have been awesome to see it completed. Hopefully Dave will have another opportunity to do […]

  17. That’s a bummer. Your proposal looked really cool, Dave. Would love to have seen the finished version.

  18. Wow, Dave… that’s completely ridiculous. I’ve been following your art, since I first purchased Dark Empire #1. Fell in love with your work then, and you’ve only grown in talent since. I honestly can’t think of Star Wars without thinking of Dave Dorman.

    I’m very sorry to hear about this ludicrous insult by Lucasfilm… Do you think it has anything to do with their somewhat recent acquisition by Disney? New management and all that.

    I feel like it’s not only an insult to you, but also to the fans that were sucked back into the Star Wars verse through the love for your art. Keep your head up, my friend! I have a feeling they’ll be kicking themselves in the butt in the near future.

  19. James Holt Says:

    This news makes me very sad. YOU were the main reason I attended the past two SWC’s. Your attention to detail and interaction with the fans was unparalleled. I have four prints from you that hang proudly in my office. Jaws drop from every person I show them to. Huge mistake from the powers that be. Artists like you are part of the reason fans attend these events. You will be dearly missed. Keep up the good work…we love what you do!!!!

  20. So lame. Yours are prints I always look forward to and I have several. From what I’ve seen of the art for this Celebration, the judges were off. There is not a single piece I’ve seen that interests me, where as at CIV I didn’t have the money for all the prints I want. You will be missed this year that’s for sure.

  21. Randy Ko Says:

    SWC& has come and gone, and all I can say is, I saw the art on display, and not much of it appealed to me, I also thought there was not enough artists present, however several had their own kiosks. I would love to see this print finished and added to the collection! To think I may have helped a little in this piece, with a little info.

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