Dave Dorman Art Now on EveryDayOriginal.com Art Site

Hi Everyone,
I have joined a new group/website and I wanted to share it with you. It is called Every Day Original (http://www.everydayoriginal.com/). It is a group of very talented artist; some are my friends in the fantasy art field, some are new to me, but all are worth taking a look at. The concept behind the website is to add an original piece of art every day–a small piece priced at $500 or under–and it can be any subject matter the artist chooses. There are quite a few artists already on the site, so you won’t necessarily see a piece from any particular artist for weeks at a time. I think this is a great idea to get exposed to many different artists and new styles of work.



Dave Dorman contribution to Everyday Original, "The Creature."  8 x 10, acrylic and oil on gessoed wood block

Dave Dorman contribution to Everyday Original, “The Creature.”                             8″ x 10″, acrylic and oil on gessoed wood block

Which brings it to me. My first piece is going up today! I would love it if you could take a moment and point your browser to the EDO site (http://www.everydayoriginal.com/) and take a look. While this is my first piece and reflects some of my film/ genre interests, future pieces will allow me to play with other interests and subjects that I would not necessarily get to work on in my commercial work. But fear not! You will occasionally see something that is very familiar as well! (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more….)
So please take a minute to see some wonderful work by some very talented artists… and me!
Thanks all!

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