Dave Dorman First-Ever Game of Thrones Art: Daenerys Targaryen

Denise and I just finished binging on GAME OF THRONES over the past few weeks. While fantasy is not Denise’s favorite genre–her standard comment being “If it has dragons in it, I’m out,” she eventually got into the story and enjoyed it. For me, it was a wonderful series (so far) and one of the best production-designed series I have ever seen. The next-to-last episode of Season 6, “Battle of the Bastards,” was hands down the best of the series, and matched any thing I have seen in cinema in many years. Kudos to HBO and the GoT production team for not pulling any punches or expense to make this such a powerful piece of entertainment.

Which brings me to today’s art!

First-ever Game of Thrones Art and first-ever total marker art piece by Dave Dorman

First-ever Game of Thrones Art and first-ever total marker art piece by Dave Dorman

Last year I was given a commission to draw Daenerys on a GoT blank comic cover. I took the job without having seen the series at that point, but was familiar with the show from publicity and my enjoyment of the costuming/armor and production stills. When I got the book, I found the cover paper itself was a slick, coated stock, not normally used for sketch covers, unlike the really nice paper found on Marvel and DC sketch covers.
This really caused a problem because gloss paper does NOT take pencil well. It is not porous, so it cannot be painted on properly with the techniques I work in, and ink will not absorb into the paper dry, as it should. I ended up experimenting with a number of alternatives that I could work with comfortably, and decided to do the piece in color with markers. While I have used markers before, it’s been mostly to accentuate nearly finished details on paintings. I have never produced a completely finished piece in markers in my entire career! But there is always a first! Let me know what you think.

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