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Two Paintings from the Private Collection of Dave Dorman

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Dear Friends,

While I, like many artists,  feel an attachment to every piece of art that I do, there are two signature pieces that have stayed with me over the years because of their personal meaning. As some of you may know, I lost my mother to breast cancer many years ago. The painting I did at her request, so that she had “something nice to hang in the living room,” remains a personal favorite. It is my interpretation of Meryl Streep as “The French Lieutenant’s Woman.” Mom really loved that painting, which now hangs in my sister Nancy Thurmond’s dining room in Alexandria, LA.  The Steampunk community often requests it, so here it is:

Dave Dorman Interpretation of French Lieutenant's Woman

Dave Dorman's Interpretation of French Lieutenant's Woman

Many of my wife’s friends have requested prints of this because the subject matter is interior design friendly, and they like the textural quality of the piece.  I offer giclees of this piece, so if this piece is on your “must have” list, let Denise know at and she’ll get you a size and a cost.

This next piece was a surprise gift for my wife Denise on our wedding day, August 9, 2003. She was beyond excited and so surprised, so for once, one of my surprises really paid off. I did this painting of the two of us, which now sits on the piano in our living room. My longtime friend “Uncle Al” Caplan of InkWorks! was kind enough to offer to print these for me on a gang run with “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” chromium cards. Only 250 were made, and we gave them out as wedding remembrances to our guests.  My old friend, “The Collector” got wind of the cards and was soon hot on the trail. The Collector now has over 17,000 autographed cards, which must be some sort of a record, no? Naturally, we made sure he had one of these. Both Denise and I signed it for him.

Our Wedding Card

Denise & Dave Dorman Wedding Trading Card

There will be more pieces from my private collection in the new book, “Rolling Thunder: The Art of Dave Dorman, so if you are interested in them, be sure to order the book from IDW Publishing’s imprint Desperado Publishing, or pick one up at San Diego Comic-Con International if you’re attending. I’ll have my typical end cap booth there, under the “Rolling Thunder” banner, if you’re looking me up in the show booklet. I don’t know the booth number yet, but as soon as I do, I’ll post it here.

As many of you know, I’ll be in Charlotte, NC this forthcoming weekend for one of the best shows for comics, HeroesCon. If you want me to bring a specific painting, preliminary or piece of art, please let me know before I start packing.  Many of you have asked if I’m doing sketches at the show. I am, and they are $100 each.  As always, autographs are free.

Thanks for reading,