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Dave Dorman Art Now on Art Site

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Hi Everyone,
I have joined a new group/website and I wanted to share it with you. It is called Every Day Original ( It is a group of very talented artist; some are my friends in the fantasy art field, some are new to me, but all are worth taking a look at. The concept behind the website is to add an original piece of art every day–a small piece priced at $500 or under–and it can be any subject matter the artist chooses. There are quite a few artists already on the site, so you won’t necessarily see a piece from any particular artist for weeks at a time. I think this is a great idea to get exposed to many different artists and new styles of work.



Dave Dorman contribution to Everyday Original, "The Creature."  8 x 10, acrylic and oil on gessoed wood block

Dave Dorman contribution to Everyday Original, “The Creature.”                             8″ x 10″, acrylic and oil on gessoed wood block

Which brings it to me. My first piece is going up today! I would love it if you could take a moment and point your browser to the EDO site ( and take a look. While this is my first piece and reflects some of my film/ genre interests, future pieces will allow me to play with other interests and subjects that I would not necessarily get to work on in my commercial work. But fear not! You will occasionally see something that is very familiar as well! (Nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, say no more….)
So please take a minute to see some wonderful work by some very talented artists… and me!
Thanks all!

Join Dave Dorman and Chicago Comic Book Artists at REEL ART in Berwyn on March 22nd

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Dear Friends,

I will be at REEL ART in Berwyn on March 22nd from Noon until 3 p.m. Meet some really amazing artists whom I am proud to call my friends and colleagues: Hilary Barta, Randy Broecker, Dougherty & Nieves, Gary Gianni, Scott Gustafson, Doug Klauba, Aaron Miller and Alex Wald.

Here is a flyer announcing the event:

Screenshot 2014-03-16 10.20.07

GI Joe: The Real American Hero! – A New Limited Edition Art Book by Dave Dorman

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Dear Friends,
Between the mid 1980s through the early ’90s, I had the great pleasure of working with Hasbro toys producing art for in-house use in helping create the design of GI Joe action figures. This work was for production only and not intended for reproduction, promotion or packaging. I have had many fans over the years ask about this art. Because there is so much continued interest to this day to see these unpublished pieces, I have taken your wishes into consideration and have decided to publish some of these in this small book:
Dave Dorman Art Book:  G.I. Joe: American Hero

New Dave Dorman Art Book:
G.I. Joe: American Hero

Click here to go to the webpage to order:

While there have been a few articles in collector’s magazines and online interviews about this work, and a few scattered publications of a couple of pieces, this will be the first real collection of my Hasbro work from this period. 

The art featured in the book is full-color paintings produced to make the GI Joe toy figures look as though they would in real life. I will also feature some of the pencil preliminary work that went into my painting preparation. The art covers both Joe and Cobra and some variations of uniforms not produced. 
Dave Dorman G.I. Joe Art

Dave Dorman G.I. Joe Art

The book is 6″ x 9″ full color with card stock cover, 24 pages including cover.  The edition size is limited to 250 copies. The price is $20 (plus $5 shipping worldwide) All copies are signed by the artist–me–Dave Dorman. I have kept film of these works in my archives, as I do with all of my artworks, and so the reproduction of the art is the best you will find. 
Dave Dorman G.I. Joe Pencil Art

Dave Dorman G.I. Joe Pencil Art

I have included the cover and a few interior pieces of art to tease you of what is to come. If you are a GI Joe collector or fan, or just a fan of my work, you will find this book a fun retrospective on a wonderfully creative time in my career. 
G.I. Joe Art by Dave Dorman

G.I. Joe Art by Dave Dorman

I have created a page on my website to order this book directly from me. There will be no other way to get this collection as I am publishing for my fans only. Click here to go to the webpage to order:


New Dave Dorman Art Catalog for Sale for ROTOFUGI Show

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Dear Friends,
As you know, my first-ever one-man gallery show “PI ala Mode” is opening at ROTOFUGI in Chicago, running April 6-29, 2012. This show will feature quite a few new and previously unseen canvas paintings with theme of “Octopi,” because, as you know from previous posts, I’m a believer that you can never have too many tentacles! In addition to this art, there will be a selection of other art and illustrations from my private collection, both published and unpublished. This show will be running through the weekend of C2E2 in Chicago, so if you are coming to town for the convention, make a plan to head downtown and check out Rotofugi! I plan to be at the gallery in person on Friday around 7:30 p.m., following my horror panel at C2E2.
I have assembled the Dave Dorman Gallery Show Art Catalogue, which I am pre-selling online:
  • Each piece of art in in my one-man show is included, with information about each piece. This is  full-color book with the card stock full-color cover premieres my newest art and some pieces never before published
  • Size is 5.5″x 8.5″
  • Limited to 250 copies, signed and numbered
  • Price =  $20 with $5 postage via Paypal ONLY
  • This is a great companion piece to my career retrospective book Rolling Thunder: The Art of Dave Dorman
  • Order it exclusively here:
Added Incentive: 
Extra Bonus! This Weekend ONLY: All orders made by Monday April 2nd will receive a copy of both, the show poster and postcard, also signed by me.
So…order yourself a slice of Pi ala Mode and treat yourself to one of life’s little indulgences!
30th Anniversary Special Edition Giclees Update: I had a slight problem with getting the embossing stamp, which delayed the prints slightly. This has been rectified and we will get back on track with shipping out the overdue prints next week. For those waiting to hear what the third print will be, I will announce that next week as well.
Thanks again my friends and fans for your continued support of my work!
(I’m @DaveDorman on Twitter)