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Dave Dorman G.I. Joe Original Art For Sale & New WASTED LANDS Trailer

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Dear Friends,

G.I. Joe Art - Poster Art by Dave Dorman for WIZARD Magazine

G.I. Joe Art – Poster Art by Dave Dorman for WIZARD Magazine featuring actors Viggo Mortenson, Jennifer Garner and Michael Duncan Clarke

This is a quick sale to fund my San Diego Comic-Con exclusive, RED TIDE from my WASTED LANDS series.  I need to raise a few bucks to fund my new comic, so I’m offering this GI JOE piece at a drastically reduced price for quick sale. The offer will only run for 24 hours on a first-to-purchase-gets-it. The art is oil and acrylic on gessoed board and was published in WIZARD Magazine a few years back.
This webpage has separate Paypal purchase buttons for both US and Foreign. Shipping will be added at Paypal check out. Please take not of this before purchasing. This is an original painting which means only one is available.  Thanks for considering this, and thanks for your support of my work!
As of Wednesday, I will be at SDCC Booth #4500, and here is a link to the movie trailer you’ll see airing in our booth this year:
Thanks for reading,

Dave Dorman Announces New Mini Art Book

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Dear Friends,
I am doing a follow-up to my GI Joe art book AMERICAN HERO. I had a lot of positive reaction and plenty of fans asking if I was going to do another volume. I have a lot more art from my years working with Hasbro designing the GI Joe toys, and with the demand, I have decided to produce another book.
For those who missed the first volume, this book features artwork I produced for Hasbro’s GI Joe toy figure line. The art featured the characters painted as if they existed in real life. The art was for presentation only, in-house at Hasbro and not intended for reproduction. For most of this art, this is the first time it’s been seen by the public outside the Hasbro offices. 
American Hero: Book 2

American Hero: Book 2

The specs of the book will be the same as the first volume of American Hero:
  • Size: 6″ x 9″
  • Pages: 24
  • Card stock covers
  • High-quality interior paper
  • Limited Edition: 300 copies
  • Each will be hand signed by me, Dave Dorman
  • Price is $20.00 (plus $5 shipping worldwide)
You can order the book directly from me by going to this page on my website:
P.S. I still have some copies of AMERICAN HERO Book 1 if you missed it. They can be ordered on the same web page.
Dave Dorman Art Book:  G.I. Joe: American Hero

Dave Dorman Art Book:
G.I. Joe: American Hero

Thanks again for your support of my work! Also, a special thanks to all of you who came out to see me at Pensacon 2014 this past weekend. It was great to be home.

Dave Dorman Rare Original Star Wars Art Sale for the Holidays!

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Hi Everyone,
I  hope life is treating you well! My studio is in an upheaval as I’m moving it to another area of the house. In readying for the big move, I’ve rediscovered art that’s just sitting in my flat files, so I’m offering it to you at VERY reasonable prices. This is a rare opportunity to collect originals at prices that won’t break your bank, just in time for the holidays. I will be adding and removing pieces every few days, so please keep an eye on this web page: and this blog for new additions.  All of the pieces have PayPal buttons for easy purchase, and the info comes right to me, and my trusty shipping dept. (yours truly) will get the art out right away with tracking number emailed the day it ships.
I will also be offering some fun and unusual pieces from my personal collection, toys, books, etc.
First up: Limited Edition GI Joe Snake Eyes Life-Sized Bust: $300.00 + $25.00 shipping
Snakes Eyes Bust, Packaging Art by Dave Dorman

Snakes Eyes Bust, Packaging Art by Dave Dorman

I’ve seen these on eBay now selling for $550. This was done for Palisades Toys in the 1990s,  limited to 450 pieces. I painted the artwork for the box. The piece is in its original shipping box and the packaging has never been opened. If the buyer wishes for me to sign the box I would be happy to do so before shipping it.
Second Piece: Crimson Empire Dark Horse Comics Cover Painting: $1200.00 (Original Price: $2,000)
Crimson Empire Version 3, Cover 3 by Dave Dorman

Crimson Empire Version 3, Cover 3 by Dave Dorman

Third Piece: Obi-Wan Kenobi Pencil Drawing: $50.00
Obi-Wan Kenobi Pencil Sketch by Dave Dorman

Obi-Wan Kenobi Pencil Drawing by Dave Dorman

 Fourth Piece: Chewbacca Pencil Drawing: $40.00
Star Wars Original Art

Chewie Pencil Drawing by Dave Dorman

Fifth Piece: Capt. Rex Pencil Drawing: $30.00
Star Wars Original Art Sale

Captain Rex Pencil Drawing by Dave Dorman

For those who might like a Dorman Christmas/ Holiday cards to send out this season, I am getting one ready for sale and you will be able to order in bulk very soon. Keep an eye on this blog and Facebook for their availability.
As always, thank you for your support of my work!

GI Joe: The Real American Hero! – A New Limited Edition Art Book by Dave Dorman

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Dear Friends,
Between the mid 1980s through the early ’90s, I had the great pleasure of working with Hasbro toys producing art for in-house use in helping create the design of GI Joe action figures. This work was for production only and not intended for reproduction, promotion or packaging. I have had many fans over the years ask about this art. Because there is so much continued interest to this day to see these unpublished pieces, I have taken your wishes into consideration and have decided to publish some of these in this small book:
Dave Dorman Art Book:  G.I. Joe: American Hero

New Dave Dorman Art Book:
G.I. Joe: American Hero

Click here to go to the webpage to order:

While there have been a few articles in collector’s magazines and online interviews about this work, and a few scattered publications of a couple of pieces, this will be the first real collection of my Hasbro work from this period. 

The art featured in the book is full-color paintings produced to make the GI Joe toy figures look as though they would in real life. I will also feature some of the pencil preliminary work that went into my painting preparation. The art covers both Joe and Cobra and some variations of uniforms not produced. 
Dave Dorman G.I. Joe Art

Dave Dorman G.I. Joe Art

The book is 6″ x 9″ full color with card stock cover, 24 pages including cover.  The edition size is limited to 250 copies. The price is $20 (plus $5 shipping worldwide) All copies are signed by the artist–me–Dave Dorman. I have kept film of these works in my archives, as I do with all of my artworks, and so the reproduction of the art is the best you will find. 
Dave Dorman G.I. Joe Pencil Art

Dave Dorman G.I. Joe Pencil Art

I have included the cover and a few interior pieces of art to tease you of what is to come. If you are a GI Joe collector or fan, or just a fan of my work, you will find this book a fun retrospective on a wonderfully creative time in my career. 
G.I. Joe Art by Dave Dorman

G.I. Joe Art by Dave Dorman

I have created a page on my website to order this book directly from me. There will be no other way to get this collection as I am publishing for my fans only. Click here to go to the webpage to order:


Announcing My 30th Anniversary Print #2: COBRA Night Viper

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Dear Friends,

It’s time to announce the #2 Giclee in my year-long 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Series. This exclusive set of celebration prints commemorates my 30 years as a professional artist, showing milestones in my artistic career. For more general information on this series please see my previous blog announcing it by clicking here… I thank for picking up the story as well. That was really great. G.I. Joe Fans, if you’re not on that site already, you need to know about it.

In case you didn’t read my last blog entry, this paragraph recaps the back story on my involvement with Hasbro and G.I. Joe:

Beginning in the mid 1980s, I started working for Hasbro as a freelancer for their R&D Department. I was hired to create paintings of their characters, in development for toys, to be rendered realistically as if they were real people. This assignment was perfect for me, as I love to work on figures and challenge myself to translate the toy designs as they might look if you saw them on the battlefield. These works were to be used as presentation pieces to the Board of Directors to help them choose which characters got produced as actual toys.

For the first wave of figures, I was told to concentrate on the character with very little background added. I did about 12 of these during that set. In the next wave, I was asked to add a proper looking background to the figures. This helped place the figure and give it more context and realism. I continued to do that for the rest of the art done for Hasbro, until the early 1990s. I produced around a hundred paintings for them and it was a very fun run.

For 30th Anniversary Limited Edition Giclee #2, I have chosen the COBRA Night Viper as my representative art for this time period in my career, because it has always been one of my favorite GI JOE paintings. This was one of the first I did featuring the full background, with the color and atmosphere of the piece really giving a great feel of stealth and character.

COBRA Night Viper by Dave Dorman

Like all prints in this series, this one will be issued in extremely Limited Edition Giclee’s of 30 copies, each signed and numbered by me, Dave Dorman. Each will have a special embossing on the print in the bottom right corner and also come with a Certificate of Authenticity. The price is $30.00 including free shipping in the US, an additional $18 for shipping outside the US. Please click here to order this print….

Next month’s featured print hint: “If Adventure Has a Name….”

For those of you following Ghost Rider creator Gary Friedrich’s situation, no matter which side of it you’re on, he’s a fellow artist and human being, and he’s hurting and needs our help. To help Gary, our friend Steve Niles created an online fund-raiser to help with geting up on his mortgage and medical bills; if you’d like to help Gary, please click here:

Another fund-raiser I’m involved in is helping my Chicago comic book artist friend Doug Klauba’s beautiful son Gianni, pictured here:

Gianni Klauba, Son of Comic Book Artist Doug Klauba

Gianni is a special needs child who needs costly therapy and an iPad to help with that therapy, so please click on if you can help him. I contributed an Artist Proof of my Darth Vader’s Persuasion of the Outer Rim to help with that, and I know our friend Alex Ross has contributed this original Batman piece as well, so please bid on all of the art to help our Gianni!

Bid on Alex Ross' Batman Art for Gianni Klauba!

I will be teaching how to draw Star Wars art in an afternoon workshop with Doug Klauba on February 25th at the Southwest Elementary School in Evergreen Park to raise funds for their PTA. For those of you who watch Big Bang Theory, let me know if you’ve spotted Doug’s artwork on the set yet?

In other teaching news, I will be presenting at the prestigious American Academy of Art (Alum include Douglas Klauba, Jill Thompson, Alex Ross) in Chicago on Wednesday, February 22, 2012. I was told by an organizer that the students have been stealing the posters off the walls that announce my lecture and include a low rez image of Lord Vader’s Persuasion of the Outer Rim, so I hope people actually find out about it and show up to see me.

I also want to let you know that I will be donating an original oil Star Wars painting to non-profit indie school Elgin Academy, and online bidding will start on March 1st. I am told  one of their auction items is 2 tickets to San Diego Comic-Con, which are impossible to get and were sold out during last year’s show already. If you’re in need of two five-day San Diego Comic-Con passes, you’ll want to keep an eye on this page. Those passes include a dinner with me in San Diego, if you don’t mind dining with a dedicated carnivore.

I thank you for poring over this rather lengthy message, but I had much to announce today. My next blog will be my interview with my friend Mark Nagata, who owns, a wonderfully exclusive Japanese Monster Toys company.

Have a great rest of the day,


Some of Dave Dorman’s Private Toy Collection on eBay

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Hi Everyone,

Like all of you, we’re busy gearing up for Thanksgiving. I will post another blog on this closer to the big day, but I have much to be thankful for this year.
For the next few weeks I will be having a number of eBay auctions, selling some of my toy/action figure/figurines that I have received as samples from the manufacturer. Many of these are variants.  I am selling some as sets, as well as individual pieces. I am not asking collector’s prices, just what I think is reasonable. A lot of these will make fun Christmas/Hanukkah/holiday gifts for the kids, especially if they’re San Diego Comic-ConMicronauts or GI Joe fans.
So here is the listing from this week’s lots:

A Dave Dorman Original Painting:
A set of San Diego Comic-Con International Branded Super Heroes Rubber Ducks, signed by me, from my goodie bag as VIP Guest this year!:
Micronauts Space Glider:
Micronauts Acroyear:
Micronauts Membros:
Micronauts Time Traveler
GI JOE Baroness Mini-Bust:
Micronauts Force Commander CLEAR
Micronauts Force Commander RED

As always, I thank you for your time & interest in what I’m up to.



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