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My 30th Anniversary Series Super Fan Exclusive: Print #1 January 2012

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Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been illustrating comics, book covers, magazine covers, packaging art and more for 30 years now. I started making professional sales to independent publishers in 1982; however, I consider Bird of Prey to be my industry breakthrough piece. I painted Bird of Prey in 1982 and it became the cover for Heavy Metal Magazine’s  November 1983 issue. It was my first cover to have national exposure, in both newsstand and direct sales.

Dave Dorman's "Bird of Prey" piece for Heavy Metal Magazine

January 2012 Limited Edition Giclee: Dave Dorman 30th Anniversary

To celebrate, I want to make this special offer to my Super Fans. During 2012 , I will be presenting the “Dave Dorman 30th Anniversary Series of Limited Edition Giclees.” Each month for 2012, I will offer a new giclee print for sale, featuring iconic images from my 30 years as a professional illustrator.  Details:

  • This series is limited to 30 pieces only per month
  • Each piece is personally signed and numbered by me
  • Cost: Each Giclee will sell for just $30
  • The serial number you will receive will depend on when you order; earliest buyers will receive the lowest numbers
  • Serial Number Guarantee: To guarantee a specific number in the series, I am requesting that you purchase the entire series up front; please identify the serial number you prefer and submit $360
  • Shipping: Shipping and Handling is FREE for U.S. orders. Overseas orders will be charged $18.00 per print for shipping
  • This limited edition series of Giclees will be printed on Archival Etching Rag and produced in studio by me
  • Size: 13 ” x 19″
  • Each Giclee will include a 30th Anniversary special embossing, further celebrating the uniqueness of this series; the embossing die will be destroyed after 2012
  • Each print will also include a Certificate  of Authenticity from me, signed by me, as proof of this special edition
  • The January 2012 piece will be the aforementioned “Bird of Prey”

Below is the link to my webpage with PayPal buttons to make your order for individual giclees, or for the full subscription guaranteeing your series with your preferred same serial number on each giclee.

Thank you all for following the first 30 years of my art and career. The next 30 will be more fun and promises even grander flights of imagination!

click here for:
Dorman 30th Anniversary Giclee Purchase Page with PayPal Buttons



Some Nice Reviews & Dave Dorman News & Upcoming Appearances

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I’d like to thank the critics (sometimes it’s hard to find their actual names) who have given me such nice reviews in the past two days online. I have Google Alerts set up so I can track what’s being said about me online. They are as follows:

Buffyverse Comic Reviews –
Buffyverse Comic Reviews: Illyria Chats With the Exs
By PatShand

Here’s the exerpt:

Art: You may as well copy and paste my praise for David Messina’s art from #1 in here. One thing you can leave out, though, is my gripes about Gunn’s inconsistent beard. The art in this issue is 100% consistent, and Messina added that he would be fixing Gunn’s beard for the collection.

Covers: Both of these covers are considerably better than the ones from the first issue. The Messina cover is at once brutal and beautiful, featuring an image of Gunn in creepy blue lighting that makes his eyes all shadowy, with an image of Gunn as a vampire slicing through the middle of the issue. The same format is used for the rest of Messina’s covers in this arc, and I love it. And this time, Dave Dorman’s cover is just as great as Messina’s. Over a beautiful blue and purple backdrop, Gunn and Illyria, all promed-out, are dancing. Gunn dips Illyria, and to his horror, demonic tentacles whip up in front of them. That could be collection cover status.

And here is yesterday’s review:
Star Wars Bounty Hunters
By Comic Book Reviews
GenX Comics –

4 Stars Dave Dorman Is The Best
Dave Dorman rendered the cover art for this work. Mr. Dorman is by no means the only artist that creates the visual work for this and other Star Wars Series, but I have always felt he is one of the best. I wish I could say the same for the collection of short stories profiling some old friends and some new, but that would be a stretch for even science fiction.

I’d also like to thank those critics out there that occasionally give me a negative review, because it emboldens me to work harder.

As for my latest news, I’m looking forward to seeing Todd Rundgren on Sunday in Chicago with The Devil’s Candy Store co-founder Charlie Athanas. I’m also hopeful that I will be a guest on The Dennis Miller Radio Show when he comes into Chicago next week. As many of you know, I am a fan of Dennis’ from more than 20 years back, and it will be a lot of fun to talk with him and his producer Christian in person. My wife ran into Dennis at San Diego Comic-Con, and it all sort of evolved from there. I am donating my Transformers painting, which was the cover art for GEEK Monthly Magazine’s San Diego Comic-Con special edition issue, to Dennis Miller’s favorite charity, This helps military families financially, and as many of you know, I am a USAF military brat, so that is near and dear to my heart.

I will be attending the Star Wars Fan Days show in Dallas ( the weekend of October 24th & 25th, so please put it on your calendar if you can make it out there. That show should be a lot of fun. (A special thanks to the 501st Midwest Garrison, of which I am an honorary member, for always giving me such great support.)

If you get a chance to visit Windy City Con, be sure to say hello to my friends and special guests Tony Aikens, Mike Kennedy and Alex Wald.

Thanks for reading, everyone. I will do my best to post updates more regularly.