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Star Wars: The Force Awakens — New Artwork By Dave Dorman

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The excitement runs high in our house as my son Jack and I get ready to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens tonight! Oh…did you not know there was a new Star Wars movie coming out this weekend? It’s true!!! And we hope the force is strong with J.J. Abrams and company. TomorrowFriday the 18th, I will be doing a video review for my son’s YouTube channel. It will be fun, and I PROMISE that it will be spoiler free!
Here is a link to a recent interview I did with Jamie and Justin at  Geek Dad regarding my Star Wars art career:
Quite a number of you have asked if I was going to be painting any art for the new Star Wars film or maybe even doing a fan movie poster piece. While I have not produced any licensed work for the film, obviously the imagery screams for me to do something. I would love to do a movie poster style piece but I felt I could not do the film justice until I had seen it. So now that I am about to experience it tonight, don’t be surprised if you see a poster-type piece done in the near future.
Rey and BB8 Pencil Prelim Star Wars Art by Dave Dorman

Rey and BB8 Pencil Prelim Star Wars Art by Dave Dorman

However, I have been trying to work on two pieces these past couple of months. Unfortunately, I could not find time to finish them in time for the movie premiere. I will continue working on these over the holidays and will share them with you when they are complete. The first is a portrait of Rey and BB8 on the planet of Jakku. The second piece I am having fun with. It is taken from the very famous line in the first movie (the fourth, for you completists) Star Wars: A New Hope. The title of this piece: “Is This the Droid We are Looking For?” Hope you like the sneak peek of this fun, upcoming art:
New Dave Dorman STAR WARS Artwork Inspired By THE FORCE AWAKENS

New Dave Dorman STAR WARS Artwork Inspired By THE FORCE AWAKENS

I hope that you all enjoy The Force Awakens and have a great Holiday season! Follow me on social media here:

Introducing: Dave Dorman’s FIRST Ever Marvel Superhero Cover!

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Ladies and Gentlemen,
I hope to see many of you this weekend at New York Comic-Con! And now, I’d like to introduce you to my FIRST Marvel Superhero cover! 
Spider Gwen by Dave Dorman

                          Spider-Gwen #1 by Dave Dorman

This is the cover for Spider-Gwen #1, hitting the shelves next Wednesday, Oct.14. While I have been a fan of Marvel’s since the late 1960s, and I have produced some fun trading cards and other material for them, I have never done a cover for any of their Superhero books. Now that has changed. I have collaborated again with M&M Comics in San Antonio to produce a variant cover for Spider-Gwen #1. It was great fun painting this new and popular character, and I hope it will open the door to doing more with Marvel.
I am offering sales of this book directly thru’ me, as this is a RETAILER VARIANT and will NOT be distributed nationally thru’ your local bookstore. This #1 edition has a print run of ONLY 1,500 copies. This will not be reprinted and the limitation makes it a very desirable collectible.  Orders directly from me include:
  • SIGNED by me, Dave Dorman
  • They will be bagged and boarded
  • They will be sent with insurance and tracking.
  • The cost of this book  is just $15.00, INCLUDING shipping.
You can order as many copies as you like, but I cannot offer a discount for multiple orders. Please click here now to order SPIDER-GWEN #1 with the Dave Dorman cover art!

Dave Dorman Adding STAR WARS Sketch Covers for Sale: Slave Leia, Darth Maul and Chewbacca

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Dear Friends,

I’ve added some new sketch covers this week, as you will see below. Each one is $150 plus $20 for shipping worldwide. The link to order is here:

And here is the fresh art, hot off the drawing board!

Chewbacca as Sentry, by Dave Dorman

Chewbacca as Sentry, by Dave Dorman. $150

Slave Leia

Slave Leia by Dave Dorman. $150

Darth Maul by Dave Dorman

Darth Maul by Dave Dorman. $150

Chewbacca On the Hunt by Dave Dorman

Chewbacca On the Hunt by Dave Dorman. $150

And Now for Something Completely Different: A Dave Dorman ARCHIE COMICS Cover!

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Dear Friends,

ARCHIE Comics has just revealed all of their Variant ARCHIE #1 covers. I am happy to say M&M Comics had me do the art for their shop’s variant! (We worked together on the Marvel STAR WARS #1 Variant as well!!) So, I am now able to post the artwork for all of you to see!

ARCHIE COMICS Variant Cover #1 from Dave Dorman for M&M Comics

ARCHIE COMICS Variant Cover #1 from Dave Dorman for M&M Comics

It was a whole lot of fun working on this cover and great to be able to give ARCHIE a more realistic look for his fans. He and the gang at Riverdale are such famous pop culture icons, and I hope I did him justice. Both M&M Comics and I will be offering this Limited Edition Book for sale. Keep your eyes here for an announcement coming very soon! And please enjoy “something completely different” from the Studio of Dave!

If you would like to connect with me on social media, here’s where you can find me:

New Shipment of Marvel Variant Dave Dorman STAR WARS Covers Are In and I’m Selling Them

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Dear Friends,
For those who missed it, or were disappointed that the issue was sold out…GOOD NEWS!! I have received another shipment of the Marvel Variant STAR WARS books and have a few more to sell. 
Here’s the spiel again!
This is the variant produced by M&M Comics and limited to 3000This number makes it one of the scarcest variants on the market.(And a personal thanks goes out to Mike at M&M for having me paint this cover!)
I am now selling my variant cover issue for $25 including postage and insurance. 
Order my Star Wars Variant #1 from this page:
BUT WAIT!!!…There’s more! You not only get a mint copy of this book signed by me, (bagged and boarded), but I will also include in your package one additional item from my personal vault of collectibles.These will be all Star Wars items (signed of course) that may include convention programs, signature cards, trading cards, bookmarks, or other collectibles from my files, dating back almost 30 years. Most of these extras are hard to find and will make a fun addition to your Dorman Star Wars collection (like a mini-Dorman LootCrate!)
I have a very limited number of these so please do not hesitate in ordering. I must limit the purchase to one copy per person.  I will remove the page when I have sold out. (It is possible I may get more in the future, but that is not guaranteed).
Thanks to all of you who saw me at Pensacon – a wonderful show! Coming up, I’ll be in South Carolina for SC Con in Greenville, SC  March 20th weekend,  Big Wow Con in San Jose in April 18 and 19 (and happy to see Jim Steranko there again).C2E2 in Chicago April 24 – 26, joined by the team from Artifact, creators of a fun new game for which I’m doing the art that launches at C2E2. Watch for more info on that!
P.S. Follow me on Facebook: and for my creator-owned series follow me at
P.P.S. To order my WASTED LANDS OMNIBUS, my creator-owned dystopian series, please click here:

First Look: Dave Dorman Original Wizard of Oz Art Premieres This Weekend at VISIONS OF OZ Show in L.A.

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LOS ANGELES, CA—March 1, 2013— Dave Dorman’s “Dorothy Daydreams” original painting will be included in the upcoming Creature Features Visions of Oz gallery art show being held at the Heritage Square Museum in Los Angeles, California from March 3 – 31. Dorman’s painting, rendered traditionally in oil and acrylic mediums, is a visual homage to the L. Frank Baum literary classic Oz books.

Said Dorman, “It was an honor to be invited to participate in this tribute. For Dorothy Daydreams, I returned to the spirit of L. Frank Baum’s young protagonist, capturing some of her desire to escape the harsh and desolate reality of her Kansas dustbowl farm for the fantasy of a much more colorful, imaginary world.” Dorman will be showing the art progressives from pencil illustration to final painting this weekend on this blog.

Dave Dorman's "Dorothy Daydreams" Painting. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 24" x 36."

Dave Dorman’s “Dorothy Daydreams” Painting. Oil and acrylic on canvas. 24″ x 36.”

Creature Features curated this multimedia exhibit, showcasing more than 100 works from a diverse group of artists. The collection includes illustrations, paintings, sculptures and full-sized recreations of favorite Oz characters. Also included in the exhibit will be historical memorabilia such as rare editions of the original L. Frank Baum books, props, concepts and artwork from various Oz-themed film & TV projects and many more surprises.

Museum tours are $10; OZ exhibit-only admittance is $5. For more information, visit or call (323) 225-2700. Heritage Square Museum is located at 3800 Homer Street, Los Angeles. The museum’s website is

About Dave Dorman

Eisner, Inkpot and Bram Stoker Award-winning illustrator, writer and creator Dave Dorman was voted the #1 Star Wars Artist of All Time by fans of the property worldwide, and his art book Star Wars: The Art of Dave Dorman was an international bestseller. His landmark, critically acclaimed graphic novel, Aliens: Tribes, won him an Eisner and Bram Stoker Award as well as changing the way the publishing ad entertainment industries viewed the medium. Dorman’s own critically acclaimed Intellectual Property,  The Wasted Landsthe Sergio Leone-meets-motorcycle western epic tale of good vs. evil in a dystopian society recovering from “the Iron Wars”–continued to raise the bar in the graphic novel publishing arena and set a new standard. Another Dorman I.P., Dead Heat, is the Bram Stoker Award-winning horror anthology of his tales of the protagonist motorcycle zombie known as “Hitch.” Dorman’s autobiography, Rolling Thunder: The Art of Dave Dorman (IDW Publishing/Desperado Publishing) encompasses an estimated one-third of his illustrious art career, which includes licensed works of such classic properties as G.I. Joe, Indiana Jones, Predator, Robotech, Batman, Captain America, Spiderman, Judge Dredd, Transformers, Green Lantern, Green Hornet, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, World of Warcraft and many more. Corporate clients include 20th Century Fox, Rhythm & Hues, Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, IDW, Upper DeckTopps, FASA Corp., and many more.

Dorman is a sought-after instructor who has taught at American Academy of ArtSavannah College of Art & DesignReverie (Massive Black/, Columbia College and The Gnomon School. His video art tutorials are available at The Gnomon Workshop. 


Media Contact:

Denise Dorman, Publicist

WriteBrain Media

P: 630.845.4694


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Dynamic Duo Alert: Dave Dorman Collaborating with X-Files Star Dean Haglund on Graphic Novel

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Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL—April 20, 2012—In their first creative collaboration, #1 Star Wars Artist Dave Dorman is creating the cover art for The X-Files and Lone Gunmen actor and “The Truth is Out There” filmmaker Dean Haglund. Haglund’s new graphic novel “Shock ‘N Awesome” is currently a campaign and promises a conspiracy theory lovers tale, unveiling the very Indiana Jones-like truth behind the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Hint: It wasn’t oil.

“Dean and I have kicked around some collaborative ideas over the years, but this one feels right to me,” said Dorman. “I am thrilled that someone of Dave’s caliber is working with me on this creative adventure. I believe Dave’s cover art will excite people enough to meet my Kickstarter goal,” Haglund added. Shock ‘N Awesome currently has $4,257 in contributions with 23 more days remaining to earn the total $7,000 required to produce the graphic novel.

If funding goes according to plan, Haglund hopes to have the graphic novel ready in time for San Diego Comic-Con, and an autograph session at Dorman’s Booth #4500.

Haglund will publish an initial run of 1,000 issues to be distributed through Diamond.

For more information, please visit or

About Dean Hagund:

Dean is probably best known for his nine seasons playing Langly, one of the computer geeks known as “The Lone Gunmen” from the hit FOX TV series The X-Files.  Today, Dean’s visual art is now collected worldwide. His oil paintings combine an unabashed Graphic Novel sensibility, using classic compositions and images from iconic Americana. Modern allegories and metaphors arise from a heavily researched catalogue of past works using the emotional/ theatrical tableaus with re-stated contemporary themes and cultural touchstones to evoke new meaning. Dean headlines with his unique ONE MAN X-FILES IMPROV COMEDY show at comedy clubs, colleges and comedy festivals around the world, which earned him 4-star reviews from the International Edinburgh Fringe Festival, two years in a row.

About Dave Dorman:

For the past 30 years, Eisner and Inkpot Award-winning artist Dave Dorman’s dynamic, hyper-realism art has boosted toy and comic book sales for those art directors wise enough to hire him. His fan base is worldwide. In 2012 Dorman did the six covers completing the Dark Horse Star Wars “Crimson Empire” series, and is currently creating the covers for the new four-book “Darth Maul” series. His Captain America art also appears in the new Marvel pop-up book Super Heroes vs. Villains: An Explosive Pop-Up of Rivalries slated for a July 2012 release. His autobiography, “Rolling Thunder: The Art of Dave Dorman” (IDW Publishing/Desperado Publishing) is available on and his 2-part instructional series on pencil and oil illustration is available via The Gnomon Workshop. This year, Dave Dorman will be exhibiting this year at Spectrum, San Diego Comic-Con Booth #4500 and Star Wars Celebration 6. His one-man art show, “Pi ala Mode” just completed its April run Chicago’s Rotofugi art gallery.


Denise Dorman | 630.845.4694 |

Tw: @writebrainmedia |


Which Comics Dave Dorman Bought On Comic Book Wednesday

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Dear Friends,

As I write this, the TV is confirming the rumored death of Qaddafi and showing the graphic Al Jazeera footage. I congratulate the Libyan freedom fighters on this new chapter in their lives.

I feel it’s my personal responsibility as a comic book artist to help raise awareness for other amazing talent in the industry. Today I want to make you aware of Leinil Yu if you are not already. I bought  the comic SUPERIOR” by Mark Millar and Leinil Yu yesterday (see image below) during my weekly trek to Dreamland Comics in Schaumburg, IL:


In my opinion as an artist and also an art director, I find Leinil Yu  to be one of the best comic book artists working in the industry today. His style is dynamic, he’s a great visual storyteller, and he renders every image with so much style. Other pieces he’s worked on (according to the back cover) include Secret Invasion, New Avengers and Superman: Birthright. I hope you check out his work and it brings you as much joy as it does me.


In other news, my good friend Charlie Athanas called me last night and invited me to join him for a really fun electronica concert tomorrow night – Amon Tobin – and I’m really looking forward to it. Here’s a link to Amon Tobin’s concert sampling, to give you a feel for his work: 

Below is an image from last Monday night during the fund-raiser for Chicago’s best horror theater group, WildClaw Theater, which was a lot of fun.

Charlie Athanas (artist), Doug Klauba (artist), Me, John Terendy (videographer)

And here’s a nice mini-review of my book “ROLLING THUNDER: THE ART OF DAVE DORMAN” (IDW Publishing/Desperado Publishing) by Alina Bradford:

If any of you reading has a young child, I recommend checking out the movie “Real Steel” with Hugh Jackman. I took my 6 year old this past weekend and we both really enjoyed it. Next up, we’re looking forward to getting the Captain America movie, coming out soon on DVD, to add to our collection because we both loved it in the theater.

Reminder: My Podcast through Michael Mennenga and Babylon 5 actor/producer Jeffrey Willerth’s Farpoint Media is (there are a lot more episodes, but I’m waiting for the producer to catch up on edits) – it’s free on iTunes.

On Facebook, I’m and on LinkedIn I’m an open networker:

On Twitter I’m @DaveDorman

As always, I thank you for reading!


My First Friends Wearing Purple Today: Rhea Cutler and Gregory Canales

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Dear Friends,

I want you see my friends who are wearing purple today, that started (for me, anyhow) as a FaceBook initiative honoring those young adults whose lives have been lost from bullying, especially gay, lesbian and transgender friends. Here’s me wearing my purple shirt:

I have asked my friends and fans to join me today in wearing purple. These are my friends Rhea Cutler and Gregory Canales, who sent me their images. Rhea Cutler and Gregory Canales, you are the best. Watch today for more of my friends to post their pictures in purple on my blog.


Dave Dorman Fan Rhea Cutler in Puple

Rhea Culer in Purple 10-20-2010




Dave Dorman's Friend George Canales Wearing Purple

Gregory Canales Wearing Purple on 10-20-10