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DAVE DORMAN STAR WARS PRINTS SALE – Last Time Many Items Are Available for Sale

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Dear Friends,


For those that responded to my last blog and Facebook posting, I appreciate your kind words and support. While it was disheartening to get that news, it will not be my last opportunity to create new Star Wars art. Keep your bookmarks here for coming news of more projects ahead!
As most of you know by now, I will not be attending SW Celebration 7 next year. I had planned on having a sale at Celebration of what was left of my Artist Proofs of previous year’s Celebration prints, along with the new exclusive print. Since that isn’t happening, and I’ve had a lot of fans and collectors asking if I was going to have a Holiday Print Sale this year, I’ve decided to hold it now. Here is the link to my Star Wars Holiday Prints Sale:
Each print on the webpage has a PayPal button for ordering and if you want to buy more than one it will make a shopping cart for you. **Shipping is FREE worldwide.**
I am now offering the last of my Artist Proofs at a substantial discount for a limited time (I will take this sale down on Dec. 31st, so those who have gift funds after the holidays that they would like to spend here may do so before the sale ends.)
All Star Wars Dave Dorman Prints You Purchase Will Be:
  • Signed By Me
  • Marked an an A/P (Artist’s Proof).
  • I will be happy to personalize the prints for you as well. (You can leave a note on the Paypal purchase form).
  • Extra Bonus–As a thank you for all your support over the years, I will add small remarque (original pencil drawing) on every print that is ordered at no extra charge.
  • Sent out using Paypal’s shipping, which will include a notification to you of when your order shipped and a tracking number to follow your shipment.
  • All orders in the U.S. made before Dec. 19 will get to you before Christmas.
 I only have a limited number of these prints left, and this sale may be the last time some or most of these will be available.
AND A RARE FIND: I also have one more newly discovered print from my private collection to offer for the first time on my webpage. This is “Knockin on Jabba’s Door” — a small 11×14 print produced as an incentive for purchasing the now out-of-print “Jabba’s Palace ” print.
So go ahead and check out the page. I hope you find something you like that might brightens your holidays, birthday, or special occasion, or those of your loved ones.
Thank you again for all of your support of my work over the years. Every smile and handshake at a show, or email or private message on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter unexpectedly saying you like my work, makes my enjoyment of this work grow more and more.
As always, my own I.P., the WASTED LANDS OMNIBUS book (published by Magnetic-Press) special gift offer is still available, and that link is here:
Be Well, All, #MTFBWY, and please Tweet out #DaveDormanPrintSale!

My 30th Anniversary Series Super Fan Exclusive: Print #1 January 2012

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Dear Friends,

It’s hard to believe, but I’ve been illustrating comics, book covers, magazine covers, packaging art and more for 30 years now. I started making professional sales to independent publishers in 1982; however, I consider Bird of Prey to be my industry breakthrough piece. I painted Bird of Prey in 1982 and it became the cover for Heavy Metal Magazine’s  November 1983 issue. It was my first cover to have national exposure, in both newsstand and direct sales.

Dave Dorman's "Bird of Prey" piece for Heavy Metal Magazine

January 2012 Limited Edition Giclee: Dave Dorman 30th Anniversary

To celebrate, I want to make this special offer to my Super Fans. During 2012 , I will be presenting the “Dave Dorman 30th Anniversary Series of Limited Edition Giclees.” Each month for 2012, I will offer a new giclee print for sale, featuring iconic images from my 30 years as a professional illustrator.  Details:

  • This series is limited to 30 pieces only per month
  • Each piece is personally signed and numbered by me
  • Cost: Each Giclee will sell for just $30
  • The serial number you will receive will depend on when you order; earliest buyers will receive the lowest numbers
  • Serial Number Guarantee: To guarantee a specific number in the series, I am requesting that you purchase the entire series up front; please identify the serial number you prefer and submit $360
  • Shipping: Shipping and Handling is FREE for U.S. orders. Overseas orders will be charged $18.00 per print for shipping
  • This limited edition series of Giclees will be printed on Archival Etching Rag and produced in studio by me
  • Size: 13 ” x 19″
  • Each Giclee will include a 30th Anniversary special embossing, further celebrating the uniqueness of this series; the embossing die will be destroyed after 2012
  • Each print will also include a Certificate  of Authenticity from me, signed by me, as proof of this special edition
  • The January 2012 piece will be the aforementioned “Bird of Prey”

Below is the link to my webpage with PayPal buttons to make your order for individual giclees, or for the full subscription guaranteeing your series with your preferred same serial number on each giclee.

Thank you all for following the first 30 years of my art and career. The next 30 will be more fun and promises even grander flights of imagination!

click here for:
Dorman 30th Anniversary Giclee Purchase Page with PayPal Buttons