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New Ltd. Ed. Dave Dorman Art for Sale! Star Wars, Indiana Jones and More!

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Dear Friends,

Punxsutawney Phil tells me Spring is just around the corner!  And with Spring comes the beginning of CONVENTION SEASON. I will be doing at least one show per month in 2016, so please keep your browser set here for updates.

And no, that goofy guy Scott Roush from the Bleeding Cool News article is NOT my rep (thanks for the heads up, Rich Johnston!), nor is he booking me at any conventions. For the record, my only booking agents are Denise McDonald Dorman of WriteBrain Media and Mike Alexandropoulos.

My first show of the year will take me to Pensacola, Florida for PENSACONFebruary 19th – 21st. I will have prints and books for sale, and as always my autograph is FREE!

I’ve just produced a special edition of my sketchbook series LEADWORKS. This year I will be doing a Star Wars-centric edition. This book will feature all pencil drawings.. roughs, finished art and many unpublished pieces going back 25 years to my first SW works with Dark Horse Comics right up to my current work with Marvel and some NEW never before seen drawings from SW: The Force Awakens.

LEADWORKS by Dave Dorman, Ltd. Edition

LEADWORKS by Dave Dorman, Ltd. Edition

This special book will be 36 pages (previous editions were 24 pages) with a card stock cover and high quality interior pages to show off the detail in the pencil renderings. It is 5.5″ x 8.5″ same size as previous editions. For those of you who love Adult Coloring Books, here’s your chance to color my work! I’d love to see what you do with it and I hope you share it here!

Unlike the previous editions, I will be doing a LIMITED SIGNED AND NUMBERED run of this book, limited to 400 copies. This will be the only version I will be printing. However, I am not raising the price. It will remain at $20.00 (postage included, worldwide). The book will be ready to ship the 3rd week of February.

You can order your copy at this link on my website (If you would like to order more than one, the Paypal cart will let you choose how many you would like).

I have done quite a few new drawings for myself featuring charaters and elements from the new Star Wars film SW: The Force Awakens. All of these are unpublished; however, I will be showing quite a few of them in LEADWORKS.
I am putting a few of my pencils sketches up for sale right now so you can get a sneak preview of my new art… AND you can add it to your collection!
Han Solo original pencil sketch by Dave Dorman

Han Solo original pencil sketch by Dave Dorman

Screenshot 2016-02-05 12.22.49

Poe Dameron original pencil art by Dave Dorman

Poe Dameron original pencil art by Dave Dorman

All of my art is pencil on 11″x 14″ on Bristol board. The art will be sent flat with a tracking #. The price includes shipping worldwide.

  • HAN SOLO $200.00
  • Maz Kanata $150.00
  • Poe Dameron $150.00

TO ORDER any of my original pencil drawings, please click here: You will find Paypal buttons for each one.

May the Force Be With You!


Thanks for Listening to me on Dennis Miller’s Radio Show Today

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Dear Friends,

On Veteran’s Day, I thank all of the brave men and women serving in all branches of the military who sacrifice SO MUCH to ensure we continue to enjoy our freedoms. As the son of USAF Lieutenant Colonel Jack Dorman, I understand how much the military and their families sacrifice. Thank you also to all of you who were listening to me on The Dennis Miller Radio Show today. Here is the link on Dennis’ site to my interview:

Dennis and Christian were kind enough to let me come on and the share news about my military art project, Project 52, which helps to raise funds for military families who are financially challenged, given through Here is the link:

Last year at this time we auctioned my Transformers painting, which was the first-ever illustrated cover art for GEEK Monthly magazine for their special Comic-Con issue, juxtaposing the “old school” Transformers character vs. the modern day version. I donated all of that money to



Dave Dorman with Dennis Miller

Dave Dorman and Dennis Miller with Dave's Transformers Painting We Auctioned for

Today, I’m asking you to help me spread the word about Project 52. Please post it on your FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn accounts, and anywhere you connect with your social networks. On Twitter or Cinchcast, the hashtag reference is #Project 52. Please tell your military friends and your family about Project 52. For just $5, you or the person you designate will be mentioned in my Project 52 book, which I’m self publishing. For $1,000, you can own a Dave Dorman original oil military painting. There are tons of contribution opportunities and options between the $5 and the $1,000 range, but please contribute whatever is comfortable for you, even if it’s just words of support. The initial $52,000 we are raising will cover expenses for publishing the book, art materials, printing the limited edition signed and numbered lithographs and helping to defray costs for me taking time off of commercial work to focus on this project. Fifty percent of all earnings from the books and lithos will go to The remaining 50% of book and lithograph sales will go to the Make a Wish Foundation in honor of Katie Johnson (501st founder Albin Johnson’s late daughter) on behalf of the 501st Organization, for which I’m honored to be an honorary member. For those of you reading who are unfamiliar with the 501st, these are the great men and women worldwide who donate their time, wearing Star Wars costumes and marching in parades, visiting children’s hospitals and continuing to be good will ambassadors of Lucasfilm.

I thank you all for your kind words and moral support. I’m very passionate about doing Project 52 and ensuring it is done to perfection.

We are still in the throes of unpacking from our big move, and the other day I discovered the old reel-to-reel audio tape recordings of my father, from when he was serving on behalf of the United States Air Force in Viet Nam. We didn’t see my dad for an entire year, so we communicated with him solely by letters and tapes.  I’m getting these recordings made into CDs for my sister and brother, but if you  know of a military museum out there who might want some of these recordings, please let me know.

As always, I thank you for reading and following my work.