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Star Wars: The Force Awakens — New Artwork By Dave Dorman

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The excitement runs high in our house as my son Jack and I get ready to go see Star Wars: The Force Awakens tonight! Oh…did you not know there was a new Star Wars movie coming out this weekend? It’s true!!! And we hope the force is strong with J.J. Abrams and company. TomorrowFriday the 18th, I will be doing a video review for my son’s YouTube channel. It will be fun, and I PROMISE that it will be spoiler free!
Here is a link to a recent interview I did with Jamie and Justin at  Geek Dad regarding my Star Wars art career:
Quite a number of you have asked if I was going to be painting any art for the new Star Wars film or maybe even doing a fan movie poster piece. While I have not produced any licensed work for the film, obviously the imagery screams for me to do something. I would love to do a movie poster style piece but I felt I could not do the film justice until I had seen it. So now that I am about to experience it tonight, don’t be surprised if you see a poster-type piece done in the near future.
Rey and BB8 Pencil Prelim Star Wars Art by Dave Dorman

Rey and BB8 Pencil Prelim Star Wars Art by Dave Dorman

However, I have been trying to work on two pieces these past couple of months. Unfortunately, I could not find time to finish them in time for the movie premiere. I will continue working on these over the holidays and will share them with you when they are complete. The first is a portrait of Rey and BB8 on the planet of Jakku. The second piece I am having fun with. It is taken from the very famous line in the first movie (the fourth, for you completists) Star Wars: A New Hope. The title of this piece: “Is This the Droid We are Looking For?” Hope you like the sneak peek of this fun, upcoming art:
New Dave Dorman STAR WARS Artwork Inspired By THE FORCE AWAKENS

New Dave Dorman STAR WARS Artwork Inspired By THE FORCE AWAKENS

I hope that you all enjoy The Force Awakens and have a great Holiday season! Follow me on social media here:

The New Star Wars Poster: I Agree With Blogger Greg Aronowitz Completely

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Dear Friends,

First, let me say that I will be attending the midnight showing of STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS on Thursday night, and–spoiler alert–if you’d like my immediate, personal impressions of the film, our “videographer” son Jack will be interviewing me immediately afterward and posting my interview to his YouTube Channel. Here is a link to his YouTube Channel:

I am a subject matter expert on film–all genres–as well as the STAR WARS universe, so I hope I bring a level of gravitas to the review that will give you information you can use and appreciate.

I found an article online by blogger Greg Aronowitz that expressed my feelings about the STAR WARS movie poster topic far more eloquently and insightfully than I could write it myself. While I cannot judge the movie yet (as I have not seen it)…I can judge what has been offered to the public in its name. I hope I am not let let down by the film the way I have been by the movie poster. Thank you, Greg Aronowitz, for writing this.

From Greg Aronowitz's blog - showcasing the BEAUTIFUL DREW STRUZAN art.

From Greg Aronowitz’s blog – showcasing the BEAUTIFUL DREW STRUZAN art.