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Dear Friends,

I am posting this now because it is already October 20th in some parts of the world. I am asking that everyone wear purple today to honor the young people here and all over the world who have literally been bullied to death by homophobes or from someone discriminating in general because they are somehow different. I saw this initiative on FaceBook and it grabbed my interest. Like many quiet artist types, I was bullied as a younger person and those memories still haunt me today. If only I had known then what I do now.

Most recently, my wife and I  have watched the news with heavy hearts here in the U.S. Several  suffering souls have taken their own lives and I don’t think I can bear to read about or see one more wasted life. We are all here for a reason. Whether you believe in God or Jahweh or the Flying Spaghetti Monster, some Creator placed you here with your own uniqueness for a reason. Cherish that you are different. We are all different.  If you’ve never seen the Frank Capra film “It’s a Wonderful Life,” take the time to watch it. We all affect each other’s lives in ways we don’t even realize. I’m fortunate to be enough of a public figure that people tell me on occasion if I’ve somehow inspired them or had some positive influence.

The problem is, younger people aren’t wired for big picture thinking and don’t know that there are days, months and decades ahead that will be filled with joy, love, life partners and maybe even children of their own if they wish –  beyond what they’re feeling and experiencing today. As some famous people–also bullied– said in October 19th’s USA TODAY newspaper, THINGS WILL GET BETTER. This is why I’m so proud of TV programming like MODERN FAMILY, which will do for gay families what Norman Lear shows did for civil rights and the women’s movement back in the ’70s. So, without further adieu, here’s my personal plea:

Thank you for reading and watching, and please – if you see someone being bullied, reach out to them. Don’t let them feel all alone in this world.