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Rare Dave Dorman Magic: The Gathering Ajani Comic Book Cells Art for Sale

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Happy Post Thanksgiving, Everyone!
I’ve had a lot of response to Mike Linnemann’s article featuring the best of Magic: The Gathering art for sale (mine is Item #8). Mike posted my art from a little-known internet comic story I did in 2011 for the Planeswalker Webseries on the Wizards of the Coast website. I did one chapter of 8 pages for “Gathering Forces,” which was art for this longer graphic story. Here is the link to my specific chapter
Magic: The Gathering Original Art by Dave Dorman

Magic: The Gathering Original Art by Dave Dorman

Buy it here:
 The complete graphic novel is titled “Path of the Planeswalkers,” and features many chapters by other great artists in the field. It is worth checking out.
Due the massive rush of inquiries for this art, I am offering these original paintings for sale. I have been selling the panels over the past 2 years at shows, so the art I’ve listed here is all that I still have left from the story. Every piece of the art is painted in acrylic with a little colored pencil embellishment, on 9″ x 12″ inch Bristol board. The sale page on my website is and there is a Paypal button for each to purchase. Due to the rare and limited availability of these cells, these pieces range in price from $100 -$120 per piece.
Thanks for reading, everybody. There is more holiday shopping fun to come! Keep watching here!