Dave Dorman DragonCon Boycott: An Update

Dear Friends,

Sometimes my gut checks are on target. Sadly, this is one of those situations. I wish it wasn’t, but I will continue to boycott DragonCon until this situation gets resolved. Yes, I know it’s a good show and a growing show. Yes, I know a lot of great people are organizing it these days. However, my hunch was right — alleged child molester Ed Kramer still receives 34% of the shares of DragonCon’s profit-and I refuse to contribute to perpetuating that mentally disturbed and depraved individual’s alleged pedophilia in any way. I have zero tolerance for this activity. Nothing makes me more sick than even the idea of hurting children. Hurting anyone who is vulnerable and unable to defend themselves makes me sick to my stomach. I can’t support that in any way, especially while representing (in my own small way) an industry targeted to children. Watching the Penn State news unfold over the past couple of weeks also is making me sick. Mind you, it’s not that I’m so cold-hearted as to not realize that in most cases, the perpetrators were also abused as kids, but I have to hope that this activity will one day stop altogether. I just cannot stand it. Had I witnessed any situation like this, I would have sincerely been able to claim temporary insanity for killing the perpetrator with my bare hands.

Parents–and vulnerable single parents in particular–watch your kids and watch them closely. Be suspicious of anyone who takes a “special interest” in your child and tries to get your child alone. Relatives included. I’ll never forget a dear friend in Florida who was, at the time a single mom with a son who was absolutely precious to Denise and me. Her son’s soccer coach, a married man with 3 kids, kept trying to convince her to let him coach her son privately. She felt something was off, and shortly thereafter he was in the papers for molesting kids. Be vigilant. Don’t trust anyone unless you have very good reason to trust them. Remember, in every situation attracting large groups of kids, there’s someone out there who wants to get at them and will use every ploy to resonate with them – sports, comics, animals, videogaming, movies, camping, etc. In my mind’s eye, they’re all Pennywise the Clown.

A dear friend who prefers to remain anonymous just sent me this update:

Dave: Thought you might find this article of interest, as it mentions the exact % of shares Ed Kramer still owns in DragonCon. He is not a minority share owner, as he has the same percentage as Pat Henry, the current chairman and co-founder. Your decision to boycott Dragoncon continues to be sound.

And here’s an excerpt from the linked article above in the AJC / Atlanta Journal Constitution, a well respected newspaper:

DragonCon organizers have recently tried to distance the popular science fiction and fantasy convention from its ignominious co-founder, Edward Kramer, saying in a public statement that he has not had any involvement in planning or activities since his 2000 indictment on multiple child molestation charges.

Kramer did resign from the Atlanta convention in 2000, but he still holds 34 percent of the company’s stock. DragonCon president Pat Henry owns an equal amount, and the remaining third is divvied up between several other individuals, according to court records.
I hope for those of you who vehemently disagree with my stance, you will have more understanding as to why I am taking this position on the matter.
As always, thank you for reading,


10 Responses to “Dave Dorman DragonCon Boycott: An Update”

  1. Dave, thank you for. You are a truly remarkable human being.

    I linked to this article on G+. https://plus.google.com/102452242106567377625/posts/ik65SBAx1mA

  2. Reason Prevails Says:

    A fair and understandable position, Dave. As someone not affiliated with D*Con, I can certainly respect your concerns, and I’d hope that those affiliated with the con do so, as well. This comment of yours, in particular, struck a chord:

    “Nothing makes me more sick than even the idea of hurting children. Hurting anyone who is vulnerable and unable to defend themselves makes me sick to my stomach.”

    I feel the same. So we can assume, based on this, that you’re an ardent supporter of the Palestinians, then? That you’ve donated time and money to ending the world’s longest running illegal military occupation, which Israel continues to maintain — in violation of international law — with our (yours and my) tax dollars? Because nowhere is the issue of “hurting the vulnerable and unable to defend themselves” more pressing than in that case, and if you’re going to use the quoted moral stance as defense for a rather extreme position on a single, still legally innocent man, then one hopes you’d have the moral courage to take the same position in regards to deplorable large-scale iterations, as well, and even, time permitting, posting just as passionately in support thereof.

    • DaveandDeniseDorman Says:

      Thanks for your comment. This trail of thought could go into a million different directions, from Darfur to any country suffering under an unfair rule. I am just one person, with little influence in the world and especially little influence in the world of politics. I don’t think there’s a country, including ours, where I couldn’t identify situations where there are vulnerable people suffering. I’m just a guy who paints and draws comics. If my one simple act of defiance affects change within the powers behind DragonCon and Ed getting any profit from it, so be it. However, I don’t flatter myself in thinking I can expect to affect any change.

  3. Dave…way to stnad up, as always for what you believe in. Father’s and parents across the world must always state the truth and stand by their beliefs. I am often criticized for speaking out about goings on and the situation of our country, but being a father and Marine of ten years, thus it is not in my blood. God Bless and Happy Thanksgiving

    • DaveandDeniseDorman Says:

      I hope you know how much I thank you and appreciate you for your service to this great country of ours. You probably know already, I’m a USAF military brat and I have a soft spot for my military family all over the world.

  4. Miguel Trinidad Says:

    I would not discount your influence on this matter. In my case, as I am sure in many others, have been moved by your stance and will stand with you on this. I will certainly make an effort to contact friends and associates about this. My hope is that a groundswell of supporters, both professionals and fans, will boycott DragonCon and send a significant message to its share holders.

  5. From everything I’ve read the rest of the DragonCon shareholders are trying desperately to force him out. He’s even suing them.

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